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Upcoming IBR Chapters - Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkatta and Pune - subscribe

DBR was formed in New Delhi in the year 2007. In June 2009 it was renamed as India Bull Riders (IBR) as the members started joining from all across the horizon. Between 2011 and 2013 Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Udaipur joined the wing as official and recognized chapters. Since then we had stopped exploring new opportunities to expand in other regions as it became hectic to manage such a large member base.

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Nirvana @ Gokarna – IBRMC Bangalore September 16th – September 18th 2016

Rakesh: Gokarna chalna hai September mai, Overnighter hai?

Me: Abe Fati padi hai, Kangaal hu ekdum. Account k bhi Aaansu nikal aaye hai. :P

Rakesh: Chal naa re mast ride hoga. Gokarna you shouldn’t miss.

Me: 2-3 din de bhai soch k bolta hu.

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Hi Brothers, Hope you enjoyed the blog. Here is the video of the Ride. Cheers Gazi Ride Hard.. Live Long..
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Warm Aid 2016

Hi guys,

I would just like to tell you about a project happening in Udaipur.

Every day as we ride along our roads to get home we see lots of people who live on the roadsides. They survive as well as they can. It's the same throughout the world.

Here in Udaipur, the winter weather can be harsh with temperatures regularly down to 5deg. The very poorest suffer the most. Every winter we see whole families huddled around small fires made from whatever waste can be collected to burn. This year we decided to try and do something to help. So 'Warm Aid 2016' was born.

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IBR Jaipur - MTR @ Bisalpur

Sometimes it happens to us that things do not work out the way we plan about it. Similar thing happened with us as well after our last ride to Khatu Shyam wherein we planned to do a ride to Bisalpur dam.

Everyone was excited for the Bisalpur ride and we were discussing about the same for whole 2 weeks on our WhatsApp group. 2 days before the ride we took the count of riders who were coming and we were happy to see 8 riders from Jaipur & 1 from Bhilwara. But the numbers went down to 5 one day before the ride, this was embarrassing though but did not kill our excitement to do the ride. We were convincing riders to join in while some had their personal reasons who could not make it that day.

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East Coast West Coast Solo Ride

I have been riding my Royal Enfield TBTS since 2011. Covered over 45K Km riding with friends, clubs, solo and enjoying thoroughly. The longest I had done so far was to Goa for the first India Bike Week in 2013 and then to Courtallam with a few friends in 2014. For every biker, the Mecca is Leh Ladakh, no doubts. I have been wanting to do that since 2012 but had to postpone every year due to various reasons. The next ride that has always been on my mind was the Coastal ride covering the coasts of Tamilnadu & Kerala upto Mangalore in Karnataka.

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Monster's day out to Ponmudi

My Monster was craving for some rubber burn. He was mimicking me to take him out and I was waiting for the best time. There has to be a call, a call for adrenaline rush, a call for speed, a call for curves and twists which happens at its own time. So finally the moment arrived for the baby to go out for 3 days. The long weekend gave me fuel to head out. 

After a quick chat with a good old friend, I decided to head out to the mountains. What better place in south of India that you can think of apart from the Gods Own Country. Whatever it is, this place has everything that you need when it comes to traveling. Be it the misty tea estates, gorgeous waterfalls, calm back waters, pristine beaches or the mighty mountains. Its a package altogether. No wonder they are always attracted by foreigners irrespective of the weather conditions. But my thirst for twists and turns made my mind lock on Ponmudi. The images in google were so tempting that I decided experience it on my own.   

Day out 1:

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Jaipur - Khatu Shyam Temple Ride

Jaipur chapter officially started its journey of rides by a visit to Khatu Shyam ji temple in Sikar district of Rajasthan and seeking blessings from the lord.

We had a schedule in place for the entire ride starting from 6:30 am till 12 pm. We started assembling in the start point and by the time last rider came it was 7:15 am.

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IBR Jaipur Chapter in "Bikers against Women Exploitation" Event

A very special thanks to all those Riders who took part in the event ride "Bikers against Women Exploitation" on 15-Aug from Jawahar Circle to Grand Valley Resort, Amer Kunda.

There were about 12 riders groups that participated in the event lead by the Convey Control Club including V2000 Riders, Jaipur Super Bikers, Regal Riders, HOGs etc.

We were about 18 riders from IBRMC, couple of them who rode from different groups.. So it was 15 from IBR alone... Cheers Guys... Kudos

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Hi Frens, Video from 1st ride together of jaipur chapters.


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