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Upcoming IBR Chapters - Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkatta and Pune - subscribe

DBR was formed in New Delhi in the year 2007. In June 2009 it was renamed as India Bull Riders (IBR) as the members started joining from all across the horizon. Between 2011 and 2013 Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Udaipur joined the wing as official and recognized chapters. Since then we had stopped exploring new opportunities to expand in other regions as it became hectic to manage such a large member base.

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IBR Chennai - A Neat Ride to Mypadu

With the advent of new moderators and new gusto all the talks of a monthly ride seemed a bit more serious than the usual futile exercise during this October monthly meet, The place suggested was the fishing hamlet of Mypadu about 200kms away, near Nellore, AP with the dates being Oct 22nd & 23rd.  Shortly later, text stating the dates and route plan for the ride popped up on the whatsapp group. To my surprise, there was even a deadline for confirmation added this time.

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IBR JPR - Ride to the Jungle - Ranthambore Blog

Being a rider has a different feeling altogether when you decide to ride to the place which is most talked but needed a date to do the ride. Finally this feeling came to life when we planned a ride to this place after a reformation of the Jaipur chapter.

We had the plan in place and asked for confirmation. Luckily we got 6 riders who would join in. We posted the ride plan on the site and waited for the day to come. Below is the route map of the ride to Ranthambore & back.

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Tales of Talakadu

The Gang


Thumps and IBR goes hand in hand. 

Its the thump that runs in the veins. Its the bond that binds us together. Its the brotherhood that knots us into this family. There is some magical powers in this group, no matter how busy you are, you will still make time to come and spend time together. Thats what has happened to me. Was busy in my own world and priorities and missed many of the rides.

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Breakaway to Ramappa

Saturday early morning .. A culmination of all the anxiety and curiosity that we all were looking forward to since almost 2 weeks when the overnight ride to Ramappa was planned. Srikanth, Phani and Big Phi were the choreographers ensuring that everything was planned and executed perfectly to the T, with a consistent emphasis on safety gear and spares. 20 of us gathered at Uppal, our starting point for 2 days of fun with the brotherhood. It was first ride with the group for some of us and i guess you can imagine the exhilaration !! We were met by Veera bhai and Teja bhai at the starting point and the key message was on safety and importance of riding gear. 

At the starting point

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Mega Adventure 2016 - Hyderabad - Sach ka Samna

Hyderabad completed Sach Pass this year!

Writing this after recovering from yesterday late night flight back from Delhi.

About Sach Pass

Sach pass is a mountain pass in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh at 4,420 meter high. It connects Pangi Valley and Chamba Valley.

The pass is open from June or early July to mid of October, remaining time it will be covered with Snow. The roads were as bad as we expected with spectacular mountains views.

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Solo Rider Bangalore Mumbai Chennai 3759kms

It's been almost 6months since I made a long drive with my Thunderbird. Last year in the month of October, I rode all the way from Bangalore to Chennai. It's been a while and I haven't made any long journeys since then.

Getting my leaves approved was one of the big task which i had becaue of which the dates wre not finalized. So there came a long weekend in the mid of august and i got the leaves approved for my trip, the plan soon started taking shape.

So the route was Chennai - Bangalore - Pune - Mumbai - Shirdi - Pune - Gokarna - Murudeshwar - Jog falls - Bangalore - Chennai - Total distance covered was 3759kms.



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Nirvana @ Gokarna – IBRMC Bangalore September 16th – September 18th 2016

Rakesh: Gokarna chalna hai September mai, Overnighter hai?

Me: Abe Fati padi hai, Kangaal hu ekdum. Account k bhi Aaansu nikal aaye hai. :P

Rakesh: Chal naa re mast ride hoga. Gokarna you shouldn’t miss.

Me: 2-3 din de bhai soch k bolta hu.

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Hi Brothers, Hope you enjoyed the blog. Here is the video of the Ride. Cheers Gazi Ride Hard.. Live Long..
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Warm Aid 2016

Hi guys,

I would just like to tell you about a project happening in Udaipur.

Every day as we ride along our roads to get home we see lots of people who live on the roadsides. They survive as well as they can. It's the same throughout the world.

Here in Udaipur, the winter weather can be harsh with temperatures regularly down to 5deg. The very poorest suffer the most. Every winter we see whole families huddled around small fires made from whatever waste can be collected to burn. This year we decided to try and do something to help. So 'Warm Aid 2016' was born.

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