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IBRMC is now pure Royal Enfield motorcycle riders community

IBR planning commission has decided that henceforth IBRMC will be regarded as a pure Royal Enfield motorcycle riders community.  That being said, no further non-RE registrations will be accepted. The registration page has been updated to reflect only RE models in the motorcycle make drop down.

Existing non-RE members are not impacted because of this announcement. This is effective only for future registrations from today onwards.

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The weakest link

Hi guys,

After writing the blog on spokes, (and being encouraged to write more). In that blog I mentioned the chain and  so I thought I would try to answer a question I see asked a lot 'how do I make my chain last longer?'

Why does a chain wear out?

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Spokes on your RE tyres

Hi Guys,

Just been outside checking my wheel spokes for tightness, found two a bit loose in the back wheel. This is not unusual on the RE's here in Rajasthan because of our wonderful pot-holed filled roads!

It made me wonder how many of you guys know how to do this. Sorry if this is old stuff to you but some of the younger bikers may not know. So here it is, a step by step guide to spoke checking: PLEASE BE AWARE this method only checks if they are coming loose, it does NOT mean they are set to the correct tension.

1. Why bother?

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Why I ride a Bullet

In 1967 I bought my first motorcycle, a Honda C90 I was 17 yrs old. Now, 50 yrs on I look back at this with wonder. The freedom it gave me and the fun. Who would have thought then that the bug was going to bite so deep I would be riding all my life.

Over the years I have owned and ridden some of the best bikes in the world, and some of the worst!

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OTR_DC @ Bandhwari Tracks
Boy's will be boys, a great day of thrills and spills!
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Daytime lights

Hi guys, with compulsory daytime lights coming next month I thought a few words about my experience of this may be useful.

In Europe, this has been the case for years now and does reduce deaths on two-wheelers by making other road users more aware of you.

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It's A Watersnake - Part One

Hello again Brothers and Sisters. Here is the first part of a three part road trip to The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary...hope you enjoy!  If you become impacent, you can veiw parts 2 and 3 on my blog, The Wandering Hippy! 


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Delhi chapters Community Service Ride - February 12, 2017


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