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Mega adventure – East Coast of India

Having lived away from home for a year I missed some key events be it a close friend’s wedding, travel to Leh - Ladakh, Bulletiyappa, RE Rider Mania and just the sheer joy of riding.

Once my return date was confirmed I began planning a 10 day ride, initially I had planned to explore the southern state of Kerala, it was around the same time a member of my riding group India Bull Riders posted a ride which was being planned on the East Coast of India. I signed-up for the ride, hoping I am free and don’t get pulled into a new project.


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IBR Jaipur - Udaipur Christmas Meet

IBR Chapter: 
Event Dates: 
Saturday, December 24, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, December 25, 2016 (All day)
Udaipur, Rajasthan
Event Category: 
Overnight Ride
Udaipur Chapter rode to Jagat Temple, which is called mini Khajuraho or Khajuraho of Udaipur. Place is located 40kms from Udaipur with awesome village roads and some offroading. Enjoy the Video...
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Camping in Sahyadris and Western Ghats

Camping in Sahyadris.

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Announcement - Chapter Heads and IBRIGADES November 2016

Below are few changes in the composition of chapter level heads effective 27th November 2016. The decision was taken by IBR core committee members and recommended by chapter committee members (including current and ex chapter heads)

Chapter Heads: 


New Chapter Heads - Rajiv, Umang and Boruah (Umang and Boruah were the first chapter heads of Delhi)
Raman decided to step down


New Chapter heads - Praveen and Vignesh
Venkat decided to step down 


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IBR Members Rank update November 2016

Effective immediately, IBRO and IBRIGADE ranking criterion has changed. This decision was unanimously taken during Bulletiapa 2016 Mods' meet on 27th November.  This has been updated here as well -

IBRO - Frat Brother

An IBUDDY will get promoted to an IBRO ranking based on:

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An Endurance Test – Riding solo to Puducherry

Riding Solo to Puducherry and back. 

It was a month back that i bought a marine blue metallic Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500. It was a dream that was best kept to myself for the last 10 years. Time was ripe and i bought it for my wedding anniversary. My wife chose the colour i chose the bike.

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'Women's motorcycle riding gear' is Part 1 of a series about gear we use on our long distance rides. Jalaja takes you through her gear with a quick review. All these products were purchased in India Contributed by Jalaja Ramanunni on IBR facebook page.
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Mumbai chapter ride to Vandri Lake

Mumbai chapter was due for an MTR since a long time, though few overnight rides had happened in the past. A month back Philip proposed a short ride in 1st week of November to enjoy the first winter breeze of Maharashtra. The place was kept secret and all we knew was that we are going to a lake which is approximately 60kms away from the starting point. Now since Philip is behind the plan, no one had any doubt or debate in their mind since it is ought to be awesome. 

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Roaring Bulls on Karnataka Rajyotsava 1 Nov 2016

“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, IBR announces a ride. And do we say no to it? Never. I was all excited because I got to take the Himalayan for the spin again.

It was like a reunion ride for me as there were lot of people whom I haven’t seen in a year or so have come for a ride and that’s a blessing for the chapter. They are the ones who stood against all odds and let this group grow bigger and better and they were there. It was a wonderful feeling and we kick started the ride after the briefing.

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