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2 riders and the K 2 K Ride

Hello Bhailog !!!

First of all... Happy Monsoon to every one... :)

I am writing this Blog on behalf our fellow Rider - SUBASH & Riderni - KIRAN MORTHA from Hyderabad chapter... who had started "Kanyakumari to Khardungla" Ride Yesterday !!!

Yes, you heard it right... There was no news / discussion / blog on this till now... not only here but even with us at HYDERABAD... as nothing was planned as such... But these guys felt like riding and they started the ride without any "Ride Plan".

Mega Adventure 2014 Ladakh : Mumbai and Hyderbad. An amazing time we had spent together.
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Name Ur Bull

So here is a topic which is always on my mind and i am always eager to know the names that we keep for our bulls.

Please comment the name you have given your bull and what does it mean.

My Bull is named Alexis which means The Defender.

This is from a past ride done my Mumbai chapter during first week of May 2016. This was our first night ride that was done in the utmost fashion with fantastic coordination and formation. Kudos to all 20odd members who stuck together throughout the journey.
A good meet with couple of new enthusiastic members.
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Mobile apps for motorcyclists and tourers

This is gonna be an interesting discussion on the various types of mobile apps (android, iOS, Windows etc.) that comes really handy for a motorcyclist / tourer. 

I am using / have used these apps quite extensively:

Pictures from the monthly meet of Chennai Chapter held on 5th June 2016
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MSH4 - Mumbai to Goa via the Coastal route

"May you always have a SHELL in your pocket and SAND in your boots"

I have always liked riding to the Mountains in the chilling weather and seeing cold desserts with snow capped peaks, but have ridden the coast 3 times now, I must say the coast is beautiful too.

So I have penned down some info that can be useful if one wants to go on a trip of a lifetime from the coast of Mumbai all the way to Goa on their Motorcycle or by Car.

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Riding Gear & Its Importance... !!!

Day and again we see loads of people without helmets / safety gear riding along with us.... while some of them might be riding only for daily commute...while some of the biking groups...allow riders without a proper riding gear (or probably just as formality)...

When ever possible...i try to explain these kinda riders about the importance of basic safety gear like Helmet, Shoes etc...

Trust me... i get very very innovative answers all the time like...

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Which tyre set (front & rear) have you installed?

This thread is to know which tyre combination do you use on your Royal Enfield motorcycle other than stock tyres that come with the new bike.

So let me start:

Motorcycle - Standard 500cc
Rear: Ralco Sportster

Feedback - pretty satisfied

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