May 2020 Updates

May 2020 Updates

May 2020 Updates India Bull Riders Motorcycle Club

There are significant numbers of updates, including new features, that have been adopted in the last 2-3 months. The intent is very clear:

  1. Adopt new features available in social networking
  2. To lessen the burden on the site administrators (development & maintenance) and planning commission members (managing multiple platforms for spreading information)
  3. Improve IBR’s social media presence
  4. Enhance membership experience

That being said, please go through the following updates.

Simplified Membership Process

We have simplified the membership process. Now, anyone who wants to join IBR, need to fill up a simple form. We have also integrated our social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Podcasts, etc. into this registration form. The form will provide clear instructions.

Forum Discontinuation

Our forum has been disconnected and the data has been archived. Access to the forum is restricted to site admin only for reference and to extract old membership details. That said, members who had registered before 1st May 2020 need not register again and your data will be transferred into the new database automatically.For real-time updates and live chats, you can always join IBR Discord server.

Live Chat and Discussion Network

We have launched a new Discord server which anyone can join. There are multiple discussion channels added to our network so segregate discussion topics (similar to how it appeared in our old forum).Planning commission members have access to live voice chat room. We may open a new voice chat room for other members as deemed required.

IBR Podcast Launched

We launched our Podcast channel on 2nd May, 2020 with the first series called “IBRMC Flashback Series”. To know more about this, please click the button below.

Chapter Runner Process

A slight update has been made on chapter runner process as far as how a contender can register and confirm (post-ride). Since we have discontinued the forum, a content will have to submit proofs in a document that can be attached to the confirmation form.


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