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11 ways to stay alert on a long ride
Mods can you please post it in the relevant section?

Caffeine works for me.. Thanks to Rahul aka Cheeru for suggesting it to me.
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@ ming - thanks for sharing the information. I will add 2 more points that has always worked for me.

1. Never drink "lassi" after your meal otherwise you will definitely doze-off for sure.
2. Always have high sugar drink like Mazaa, Slice, Thumpsup. High sugar content will give more Oxygen to the brain and helps to keep you awake
3. Not recommended though, but "Rajnigandha" sometimes come very handy. I don't eat it usually but during rides keep a couple of packets with me. Chew it when you feel sleepy and you will feel a sudden rush of warmth.
the best is fisherman friend mint flavor lozenges ...keep riding/driving no sleeping.
Thanks for the information Bro...

Will surely be helpful for the riders...

RuLe ThE RoAd
i personnely keep chewing the chewing gum to be alert
Great tip riders....... cant wait to try all these options....
Guess i will go with the Organics.....Mary Jane... Smile
Hahaha.. Philip bhai.. Desi, Mary Jane ;-)
Leaders don't force people to follow,. They invite them on a JOURNEY... Lets ride together !!
Point Number 8.. \m/.. Hell Yeaaa.
I've rarely felt sleepy or too tired to ride.. I know some guys are notoriously known to feel sleepy during ride..
Here's my two bits.

1. Enjoy the ride. Talk to you bull. Pat him now and then.. Yes, I do that.. It help you connect to the machine and be in control
2. Enjoy the nature or whatever that is around you..
3. The best way to remain alert to keep reading all the Road signs or banners which are in you line of sight.
4. Eat light. As Sajeesh said Avoid Lassi and Rice..
There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path

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