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Jaison ThomasMumbai Chapter Unofficial Meet, MTR & Anniversary Planing (Untold Story).
Mumbai Chapter Unofficial Meet, MTR & Anniversary Planing (Untold Story).
The Story Goes like this...

On Nov 9th 2014, Mumbai Chapter (Chief a.k.a Sajeesh, Phillip, Kothari a.k.a PC & Mishi) had an un-official meet with 2 New Members (Me & Rajesh). This was more like a unexpected weekend get-together at Gorai we all planned off. 

We all gathered (Me & Rajesh) at the Meeting Point Mac Donalds, Mira Road, waiting for Chief, Phillip, PC & Mishi to join us for this short adventure.

It was around 0230-0300 pm we left towards Pixey Resort (Gorai).

See.... It was very inspiring to watch all the members of this Faternity come together and Ride as ONE. They all were so loud, so alive, living there dreams & there life completely, No regrets.

They way I look at it.......... Its never been about what you do in real life, it not about how successfull you get. Its always been about hearing your inner voice, following your heart, following your dream, following the sunlight even though its dark... Like you live for "A PURPOSE".

There is an Ol saying, you probably have heard off.... "You are born twice in your lifetime, the first time is, when your actually born and the second is when you realise the purpose". It was clear, I just knew this is where I belong. These are the people worth living and dying for.

Hail IBR! Hail IBR!

Now the Irony is... I been rolling up with my sleeves up held high amoung numerous Clubs within Bombay, filled with bikers and posers for years and even with ones which are off the exact same kind as I am, understanding and gaining more knowledge about Brotherhood, being a Biker etc. I wont say It was Bad or a waste of time, after all life is all about experiences and your reaction towards it.

Anyway, I came to know about IBR from a complete Stranger while going to work, I took this fantasy & made it a reality by joining this Faternity, rather than joining The Thumphers or The Wolf Pack for a matter of Fact, as I saw more meaning about Brotherhood in their eyes than any of those other clubs operating across India.

The Aftermath of my actions led me to IBR or The Purpose or Destiny.. Thats all I can SAY.

Back to our story, the whole Idea of having the Anniversary Celebrated at Gorai, poped up in our heads during this gettogether. Most of us agreed this to be a chilled out location for the Anniversarry. We had a crazy time over food and our usual beverages. We left around 0730 hitting our cribs.

IBR Mumbai Chapter Meet/MTR (Nov 16th, 2014). I couldnt sleep the whole night with the exitment of meeting everyone who belonged to this faternity. The meet was decided to be held at Sai Dutta Snaks Center. We had a lot of Bakar Bakar over Chai, Burji & Keema Pav.

The primary discussion was the Chapters 7 years Anniversary Celebration, Megaadventure to Bhutan, Short Ride after the meet etc. The meeting went smooth and the Faternity welcomed me as a family (One Blood). This was the most inspiring feeling I ever had till date, something that made me feel that your worth it.

It was around 12pm when our Brother Phillip came up with an Idea to Ride to Tiger Valley, Lonavala. I was geared up anway and I couldnt resist the idea of Riding my bull with IBR Mumbai. We (Me, Phillip, Mishi, Gaurav and new member) rode for 90 kms (4 Bikers on their 500cc bulls) and after reaching lonavala, we realised the weather @ Lonavala was not very enviornment friendly that day for this voyage. In the search for a hill facing dhabba, we came across a no mans land and took a halt to enjoy the view. We waited here enjoying the afternoon fumes till 0400 pm watching the day go by at peace.

On our way back home on NH4B phillip again came up with a crazy suggestion to Ride to Uran to see the Sunset. With a lil hesitation in my heart as It was getting dark and I was low on fuel to go back home, due to the financial crunches, I was facing after buying my new bull last month (Oct 2nd 2014). I agreed anyway, so did others. Uran was another 40/50 odd kms from the highway.

Watching the sunset here was truely breathtaking and made it worthwhile. Over Chai, wadapav & Bhajiya we called it off for the day and left for our cribs around 0630 pm. Due to heavy traffic on the route to Ghodbunder from Uran, It look me about 2.5 hrs to reach home after departing with the other members.

This was the most memorable day of my life. Infact the One which gave me a new begining. The One which finally gave me the push to do my life long dream to tour Leh- Ladhak representing my Club solo.
The Anniversray was a huge success, phillip and sameer cordinated along with me to make arrangments for the Anniversary. Around 20 members participated in this event at Hendriques Villa @ Gorai Beach. Unfortunately we couldnt take many pics.

Hail IBR!

*Interested Individuals can post more pics or add their views to this Travelogue.

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pics will be uploaded shortly....
Nov 09th 2014 unofficial meet pics with Saj, Phillip, PC, Mishi, Rajesh & me.

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The Brothers on IBR Meet (Nov 16th, 2014).

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Lonavala and Uran Trip Pics.....


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The end... Thank for reading...

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Nicely written Jaison.
Thanks for sharing your experience with IBR!
I'd rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.
(12-26-2014, 08:06 AM)arkitek Wrote: Nicely written Jaison.
Thanks for sharing your experience with IBR!

Sameer, Thanks bro... It ll take me a long time to write the way you do. Your Ladhak trip thread I read it every alternate day and It still feel fresh and new. Hats off to you bro.

Very nice sir
My therapy involves a motorcycle
I missed most of these rides.
Except anniversary.
Commander I was born....... Commander I shall be.

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