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Jaison ThomasMumbai Chapter- MTR at Kelwa Beach (21/12/2014)
IBR Mumbai Chapter- MTR at Kelwa Beach.

The Story goes like this.

On Dec 14th, 2014 at Chota Kashmir near Arrey Colony we decided to have a final meet for the year 2014. About 19 members participated in this event (Including the new & old). Over Chai and Burji we discussed on a,  Final Short Distance Ride (MTR on 21/12/2014) to a nearby location on the outskirts of Mumbai (Kelwa Beach), so that our new members can participate freely and get to know one and other before hitting on long routes. As a freshman in IBR (Joined in Nov 2014) after the Anniversary Celebration, I knew most of our old members of the faternity. I couldnt decide weather to participate in this MTR or no. Time as usual was passing like a morning breeze.

Christmas preparations at home was stand still, after a few post by our chapter heads regarding the MTR. I couldnt stop by self from going. So on Dec 20th, I did my 9.5 hr night shift which completed around 0830 am (Dec 21st) and I was ready to leave. While I was getting geared up at the parking lot for this trip, I loossened up my back pack a bit and posted on the watsapp grp about my status.

Fortunately Pranav called and to my luck he mentioned that they are still at Fountain. I hav no idea what would hav made them wait for such a long time (May be bcoz of their Hungry Stomach or may be becoz I was coming and I was the only one who knew the way to reach Kelwa). Whatever was the reason, it doesnt matter, coz I know for a fact what we all share its not just passion its more than that, its one blood and one brotherhood.

After riding in dual formation for 50 odd kms at the speed of 60 kmph. We realised this can take forever, hence we throttled our buls at 80 kmph for the remaining distance. We reached Kelwa Beach Resort around 12ish (Roughly). The sun was shinning right at the top, the resort was filled with tremendous greenery which eased us from the journey and the temp outside. We ordered for food an beverages and spent quality time craking jokes and sharing humor among each other. We had our own DJ  (Mishi) & our open spokesman & comedian (Zahir) too. The thrill on our members faces was even more when we saw Phillip and his friend joining us late in the afternoon while he was coming back from his Nashik Trip.

After numerous round of applauses and jokes for the next 5 hours made us hungry like hell. No matter how hungry we all were but no one wanted to miss the sunset. Me and Zahir on the other hand couldnt wait that long so we digged in on the Rice, Butter Chicken, Dal, Roti & Burji. We didnt miss seeing the sun set coz we both ate like HOGs and rushed to say thanks to the Sun for gifting us another bright and wonderfull day for this MTR. After the sunset we regrouped to call it off for the day after having tea and Coffee.

We left around 7pm with phillip being the lead as he suggested the Manore route to be better. After reaching the highway, due to some confusion, some of our members got shattered (with some behind and some way ahead). On our way to Mumbai (35 kms left) Chiefs Bull got punctured and the tyre were dead. We saddled along side by side till we found a puncture guy as no one leaves another brother, in such a situation. It took us about an hours time to do a temp fix. Mishi and his friend who was riding ahead of us came back to give us a helping hand.

After curting through traffic near NH8 & near Virar post which near Ghodbunder road, we regrouped and said goodbye to one another. From what I recollect on watsapp group, All members did reach home safely.

Thanks to all the members who participated in this MTR, even though this ride was planned on such a short notice. Thanks to Shainoj Joy, Zahir B Jaipury, Manish Bajaj, Philip Sequeira, Jaison Thomas, Pranav Chawda, Vinod K Singh, Usha Bhutani Nair, Calvin, Mahesh and Vivek.

Please check our facebook page for pics-

Route link-

Meeting Location was Hotel Fountain on Ghodbunder Rd.

FB THread -

Hail IBR,

*Interested Individuals can upload more pics on this thread.
Due to handset compatability issues. I am unable to add all the pics.


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some more pic....

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The Gang....

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Great pics Jaison... N good narration too Smile
You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle...!!!!
(12-23-2014, 05:01 PM)Satty Wrote: Great pics Jaison... N good narration too Smile

Thanks Satish...
good one jaison!

***1 IBR reputation point awarded ***
(12-24-2014, 09:36 AM)Sajeesh Wrote: good one jaison!

***1 IBR reputation point awarded ***

Thanks Saj, I didnt expect any reward though from my amature write up. Am kinda new to this whole story telling fantasy. Hopefully I can improve and be better at this in the long run. Once again Thanks everyone for the inspiration.

good going bro
Nice write-up & pictures Jason .... had a wonderful time at Kelwa beach !
*** You can't buy happiness but you can buy a Royal Enfield and that's pretty close. ***

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