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IBRMC ranking announcement 2014-2015
The following fantastic IBR brothers have been promoted from IBRO to IBRIGADE effective immediately. The decision was unanimously taken by myself and Robbie post Bulletiapa event.

From Mumbai:
  • Abhijit
  • Santosh aka Machcha
  • Shainoj
  • Philip

From Bangalore:
  • Abdul
  • Jacinth

From Hyderabad:
  • Anil
  • Venkat

From Chennai:
  • Sidhanth aka Sid

Watch out this thread for another announcement on IBUDDY to IBRO promotions. I am working with respective chapter heads to upgrade ranking of many more members.
Congratulations to all Smile
My Life is Based on a True Story
Congratulations Riders!
I'd rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.
Great news!
Congratulations Guys.
"Riding my Bull is like breathing oxygen. I've learnt so many things about myself, my patience and endurance from staying in the saddle."
Awesome news brothers. Congratulations!!!
I ride 'til there ain't roads no more,
I ride, 'til the lands die into the waters unknown.
Congratulations to all riders... Good going guys...
Congrats riders
phani reddy
ride safe ride hard
Congrats to all.. even though I have been in touch with Abdul Bhai and Sid... i am sure all u guys are Brigade material..!!
Congrats once again. brothers.. keep em riding..!!
Congratulations to all...

Keep Riding...Big Grin
Congratulations Brigadiers.... Keep rocking.....

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