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Shimla-Kaza-Chhatru-Manali Road update
Hi All,

Quick update on the road trip from Shimla to Kaza and back via Manali-Bilaspur-Chandigarh-Delhi.
Travel from 24/08/2014 to 01/09/2014

I'll restrict myself to Road status between points. This journey was with a 4x4, so may not be really indicative of a trip with an RE.
Legend below:
Great - few diversions, good road and few potholes
Good - patches may have potholes, eroded road, but overall good
Tough - bumpity bump road, possibly only metalled road. Fun road for RE
Ouch - Really tough, only the barest illusion of a road. Fun, but a bit tough for RE in parts

Delhi-Shimla-Narkanda : Great
Narkanda-Thanedar-Rampur - Good (this route is not the highway)
Rampur-Jakri - Good
Jakri -Karcham ( the last hour to Karcham is Tough-Ouch) - Good
Karcham - Pooh : Tough
Pooh - Nako : Tough to Good
Nako -Hurling-Tabo - Good to great
Tabo-Kaza: Good to Great
Kaza to Kunzum - Good to Tough
Kunzum to Chandratal - Tough
Chandratal to Batal - Tough
Batal to Chhota Dhara - Ouch
Chotta Dhara to Chhatru - Ouch and towards Chhatru gets to good
Chhatru to Gramphu - Good
Gramphu to Rohtang - Good to Tough
Rohtang to Manali - Good to Great (some road widening going on in parts)
Manali to Bilaspur - Great to Good
Bilaspur to Chandigarh - Good to Great

The toughest part on this road was Batal to Chhota Dhara, where you have mostly a metalled road, but often foot deep erosion by ruts, so we had some unavoidable bottom scraping of the SUV.

Places to stay along the route:
Banjara, Thanedar - excellent place. We were there on the invitation of the owner, but otherwise, it would be pricey (2.5-4k? /room)

Banjara , Sangla - same as above. Excellent property with great walks available to Chittkul, Sangla Meadows, and Rakcham

Nako - has a Kinnaur Camp nearby (we did not stay here)
Tabo - homestays available (we did not stay here)

Kaza - Taste of Spiti (near old circuit house - basic clean rooms between 700-500 INR/night)

Chandratal - Several camps available here. You can set up your own tent at no charge. Temperatures get to below 0 C, so warm sleeping bags highly recommended.

Chhota Dhara - Only has a PWD guesthouse with 2 rooms (there is a 3rd, but the guard there needs persuading). The guard charges you 480 INR/room. We paid 1,300 INR for 3 people sharing a room, dinner for the 3 on 1 night and tea 3 times (9 cups in all). Warm sleeping bags highly recommended.

Chhatru - only a guest house is available, but you have to talk to the chowkidar in one of the 3 Dhabas by the bridge. Other options are staying at Chandra Dhaba, or a small shack beside one of the Dhabas where they rent a bed by 100 INR/night. Sleeping bags highly recommended.

Hope this helps the next travelers!
Thanks a ton bro.... i am sure this is gonna be a very valuable post for anyone planning this trip. But with winters round the cornor i am sure most if this route will be closed till next april.
Shut up and RIDE!!
Valid point Abid. Road officially closes on the 15th of Oct.

And again, there's always the rainfall that may degrade roads further.

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