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Hi Guys,

As we are just a month shy of the biggest event of the IBR Calendar Year, BULLETIAPA 2014, it's time we discuss and finalise the logistics regarding various aspects related to it.

So, let us start by confirming our mode of transport for Bulletiapa, the Annual IBR Mega Meet being hosted by our IBR Mumbai brothers this year. Once that is done, we will have a fair idea of how IBR Delhi members are travelling and accordingly the midway accommodations and pick-and-drop facility to the venue can be arranged (if required).

I am attaching an excel herein with this thread. Please update your name in the excel and your mode of transport against your name. Once you fill-in the excel and re-attach the same in this thread, make sure you mention your serial number in your post. Chances are that someone else might also be filling-in and uploading the same excel at the same time against the same serial number and hence the number in your post will avoid any confusion whatsoever.

Moreover, if you want to ask about or furnish any detail/information regarding Bulletiapa 2014, NOW is the time!

So, gear up boys and girls, we must ROCK THE SHOW this year in MUMBAI!!!

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.xlsx   Bulletiapa Logistics - Delhi.xlsx (Size: 10.24 KB / Downloads: 88)
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S No.:- IBR_D009

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.xlsx   Bulletiapa Logistics - Delhi.xlsx (Size: 9.98 KB / Downloads: 71)
It's not about the destination, it's about the ride. 
It's IBR_D018

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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi.xlsx (Size: 10.01 KB / Downloads: 78)
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It's IBR_D019

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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi.xlsx (Size: 10.01 KB / Downloads: 63)
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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi.xlsx (Size: 12.27 KB / Downloads: 65)
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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi.xlsx (Size: 10.58 KB / Downloads: 64)


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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi (1).xlsx (Size: 10.33 KB / Downloads: 65)
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Good Going Brothers,

Eagerly waiting for the D'Day... Very much excited to see you all guys @ Bulletiapa 2014.

RuLe ThE RoAd

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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi_(1)(1).xlsx (Size: 10.64 KB / Downloads: 62)

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.xlsx   Bulletiapa_Logistics_-_Delhi(1).xlsx (Size: 10.77 KB / Downloads: 78)
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