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Coming soon - Version 2 of IBR Tshirt & other accessories
Hi All ! I know it's been a long wait for most of you guys who are desperately seeking to put on the IBR fraternity tshirt.

So let me unveil the Version 2 design of IBR Tshirt. The order is yet to be placed to final printing, so hold on to your waiting spree for a few more days  Wink

Along with this, following IBR accessories will be coming along your way pretty soon.

- IBR flags (for rides)
- Caps and Bundana
- Key chain
- IBR logo monograms (that could be stitched or sticked to your favorite jackets)
- Half leather IBR exclusive jackets
- Stickers (of course!)
- wrist band (low priority)

We are trying to crack the deal with various vendors and have identified a couple to move ahead. I know this might have come up as a surprise for the Delhi guys but Mumbai Chapter buddies wanted to contribute in some or the other way.

The accessories and wearable items shall be made available to purchase via online too .... !

Delhi / NCR guys - can you please try to get in touch with a few vendors and send me the  quotation on indiabullriders[at]gmail[dot]com.  Just want to compare the Delhi rates v/s Mumbai.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Good one Sajeesh,

The T-Shirt looks Cool especially the Sign of Bull on it

Desperate to get one..

Miles to RIDE....Before i sleep ...... Smile
good one chief, keep them coming...
Live in the moment... will never get it back...
Chief..this is the design. Clean and to the point.
However I would love to see a small 'IBR' or the logo on the end of sleeves as well.
Something like this.

Don't know how feasible it is..that is your call.  Smile

[attachment deleted by admin]
Got things to go<br />and places to do
Can we have 2 T Shirts.. Collared one for City Riding and Meets.. Round Neck Lycra for riding purpose..
For the T-Shirt's front, "BEHOLD OUR POWERS" can be written on the left in a straight line just below the IBR logo instead of the right, or as suggested by Prakash, it can written on the shoulder. Can the BULL be designed in the shape of a Bike.. Any creative guy in the house ??
There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path
I agree with Abhijit... lets keep the front clean and tidy.. use only one side of the Chest for a print, preferably the IBR logo.. even small IBR block prints on the edge of the sleeves sounds like a good idea... we can use the the Full name "INDIA BULL RIDERS" on the back along with a MEAN LOOKING BULL pic.
Thank God the British came to India and gave us the &quot;ROYAL ENFIELD&quot;.
I will be posting a few more design tonight... all the work was done with basic tools on my laptop... incidentally my power packed desktop is all set so will work on big screen, photoshop cs4, inkscape, some vectar diagram....
Agree wid prakash..Although design is Fab and addition to it a logo on sleeve will be good.. Most of all m waiting for half leather stuff...m hardcore fan of that stuff when it comes to riding
lIvE lIfE lIkE @ rOcK sTaR Angry
chief the T looks awesome..... maybe a few changes like the boys suggested..... but overall looks cool, and super excited about the other stuff....
Shut up and RIDE!!
Whoa.....Now that's NEWS :o

Chief, you caught us the Delhi IBRians quite off-guard. That is indeed a very cool and inspiring surprise. Nice design. The Bull on the back needs to look a lot meaner :Smile  Hope you would come up with something real nice with your power-packed desktop Wink

I like Prakash's idea a lot, that indeed would make it extra special. And as Sammy said, can't wait for the exclusive half leathers 8)
I live life on the edge 'coz . . . . . if you're not living on the edge, then you're taking up too much space!!

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