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Coming soon - Version 2 of IBR Tshirt & other accessories
Rocking  designs chief...    8)    ...

My suggestion would be to have a front plain with a logo / on arm as well.

Back D3 -- >> That design Rocks!!          (with Team IBR seems better )
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hey guys, seems like i missed this whole post, sorry my home internet is down and office is making me sick,

To start with i am confused between D1 front, D3 Back D2 front, Smile tried hard to get through but could'nt succed  Sad

Anyways, Sajeesh i know you have it in you, just come up with a final design as you think is right, my suggestion is that our Club tee should not be too fancy in its character, it must show some maturity and respect when someone see's it, as our club tee will be meant for those who feel IBR as their family, its not for sale and you cant buy it, you need to earn it.. rest Sajeesh you decide the design you feel is appropriate, a design which matches the reputation of IBR..

FYI- You have the RM Sweat Shirt, it was simple in its character but was very strong in its presence, i did felt it in Riders Mania 2012, and i think every IBRian have noticed it who were present there, it was best amongst several others, only Leather jackets can outcast our IBR Sweat Shirts and nothing else.
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+1 for Robbie's suggestion.

BTW, I am dying to get one and it'd be amazing if that one is CUSTOM IBR JACKET...
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My suggestion:

D2 front and D3 back
Nice work done sajeesh
my choice would be
D2 front
D3 back

I also like the ideas & its long time we also do some show off. I like most of the ideas. Right now the font of horizontally or circular aligned. We can also see if we can align the font vertical.
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excellent designs sajeesh !
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design 3 ws good wat u think Cheif and Boruah..
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Fantastic work Sajeesh....all designs r fantastic, whatever u decide will be good.....
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(08-02-2012, 11:30 PM)Sajeesh Wrote: Hi All ! I know it's been a long wait for most of you guys who are desperately seeking to put on the IBR fraternity tshirt.

So let me unveil the Version 2 design of IBR Tshirt. The order is yet to be placed to final printing, so hold on to your waiting spree for a few more days  Wink

Along with this, following IBR accessories will be coming along your way pretty soon.

- IBR flags (for rides)
- Caps and Bundana
- Key chain
- IBR logo monograms (that could be stitched or sticked to your favorite jackets)
- Half leather IBR exclusive jackets
- Stickers (of course!)
- wrist band (low priority)

We are trying to crack the deal with various vendors and have identified a couple to move ahead. I know this might have come up as a surprise for the Delhi guys but Mumbai Chapter buddies wanted to contribute in some or the other way.

The accessories and wearable items shall be made available to purchase via online too .... !

Delhi / NCR guys - can you please try to get in touch with a few vendors and send me the  quotation on indiabullriders[at]gmail[dot]com.  Just want to compare the Delhi rates v/s Mumbai.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sir, any schedule or riding plan for IBR Mumbai?

Ghosh, Mumbai

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