narinderjeetsinghSat Shri Akal everyone!!!!!
I am basically from Nawanshahr(birthplace of S. Bhagat Singh), Punjab.
Working as a Security Consultant in Bangalore.
Owning an RE and joining RE community was a dream since 6 years. 
One dream comes true when <b>Dug Dug</b> comes in my life. Looking forward to fulfil second dream.
"bult tan rakheya patake paun nu"
PS: dont mind HTML injection(habitual Big Grin )
Hi Narinderjeet,

Welcome to the family. Please join the IBR Bengaluru Facebook page for getting to know the upcoming rides. You can also connect with Ayanna (9916600040) and Renny (8123646747) offline to be part of the group.
Welcome aboard !!!
We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.
Welcome Narinderjeet

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Cheers, Rohit K S

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