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san jalanAcko Insurance online
HI Brothers, Angel

Today I have purchased insurance thru ACKO for TB500 and the experience was amazing, 

Reason to choose
1. Cheap compared to all others. last year policy renewal (oriental insurance) was coming to 4000 rs for 1lac IDV for one year. and from Acko I bought for 8767.00 inclusive GST for 3 years At IDV 1.1 lacs. 

2. All process thru online and call center number were working and responded in 1 minute time. And a good review from Team-BHP.   
3.GOOD NCB 50%. 
What you all feel about this company as its very new and very aggressive also. I have attached my policy below for the reference purpose. does anybody have experience claim from ACKO?

San Jalan

Attached Files
.pdf   TB500 policy till 2022.pdf (Size: 67.42 KB / Downloads: 14)

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