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Megadventure Mega Adventure - Ride to Land of Thunder Dragons

‘What next?’
This question haunts any passionate biker and gives him or her sleepless nights.
Excitement before the road trip and memories after it is what a biker lives with. Thinking about it again I was confused what needs to be planned and done as a next big one.
Why not a cross country road trip?!!!
The moment it came up my mind, I didn't hesitate to put the plan in place. Yes, we are heading to the "Land of Thunder Dragons" "Bhutan". Being happy is the best thing one could do and what more than riding to a country which boasts for its GDP as Happiness.
Travelling to Bhutan is like travelling back in time. The untouched natural environment and an old-worldly way of life is so peaceful that it will leave one with memories of a lifetime. The peaceful surroundings make for a perfect backdrop for exploring this country at a relaxed pace in a 12 days’ period. Since this country is exceptionally rich in nature and culture, it’s only fair that we give it more than a mere glance.
The Undisturbed Natural Beauty
Bhutan remains an enigma till date. And it prefers it that way. You don't get to read much about it in the newspapers or hear about it in the news. Unlike its high profile neighbours, India and Nepal, this small Kingdom is publicity shy. While answering the following questions, we have attempted to lift the veil somewhat to our ignorance about this fascinating place and its wonderful people.

Ride Plan

The Ride has been segmented into two sections.

Team A
Riding all through Bhutan from Mumbai

Team B
Flying till Bagdogra and joining Team A at Siliguri.

Itinerary has been finalised and might get affected due to permits hence kept all options open for the ride.
Dates: 02-March-2019 to 24-March-2019
Ride your quest
KP, please share the itinerary.
I'd rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.

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