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IBR Bengaluru CSR/Monthly Meet - 6th January 2019
As we welcome the New Year, its time we contributed for the society. CSR has always been close to all of us and its time we gathered and did our part of service for the needy. 

8:00 AM - 9:00 AM : Breakfast with IBR family
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM : IBR Agenda 
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM - CSR Drive

IBR Agenda:
1) New member Introduction
2) Upcoming Rides 
3) Sharing experience from Rides done since the last monthly meet
4) IBR Safety, Rules, and Guidelines 
5) BOBMC RM Updates
6) Pending RM Goodie Distribution

CSR Drive: 

India Bull Riders against Blood Cancer! Make your mark as a LIFE SAVER!

We at India Bull Riders, Bangalore are proud to support the Stem Cell Registry India (SCRI) initiative of BMST, supported by DKMS, in their fight to save patients of Blood Cancer, Thalassemia and Aplastic Anaemia.

Every 6 mins someone in India is diagnosed with blood cancer, thalassemia and aplastic anemia! For many of these people, a stem cell donation from a matching donor is their only chance of survival. Stem Cell Registry India aims to register more potential stem cell donors in order to give more blood cancer patients a second chance at life.

The LIFE SAVING TREATMENT for blood cancer lies within each one of us, for our GENETIC TWIN. 

Learn how YOU hold the key to a second chance at life for a patient-in-need, at the below event.

By registering with SCRI, you could one day be asked to donate your stem cells and give someone in need of a stem cell transplant a second chance at life. Help improve the survival chances of these patients and give hope to countless Indian patients searching for a tissue-matching donor for a life-saving treatment. 

Join the cause!

Step-1: REGISTRATION (at the event)

* Required only once in your life time

* Check eligibility, fill a consent form and give a cheek swab to do your tissue (HLA)-type.

* With this step, you will be listed on a Life-Savers list till you are 60 years of age! 

If you are ever found to be a match for a patient in need of stem cell donation, you could proceed to step 2.


* If matched with a patient, you confirm your willingness to go ahead with donation

* Blood test to confirm you are the perfect HLA match! 

If the consent and confirmatory typing is successful, you could proceed to step 3.


* Master health check to confirm eligibility

* Donation through a safe process, similar to an outpatient blood platelet donation 

* NO LOSS, NO RISK! recovery from the process in 1 to 2days

Watch this video to see an actual SCRI Donor’s experience: 

This event is open to all members of IBR, new aspirants, family members. Since this is a non-riding event, you may choose any means of transport to reach the venue. 

NOTE: If any member hasn't collected any OLD goodies, which he has paid for; please notify admin one day in advance to bring it to the venue
The Road and Your Ride Defines Who You Are,

At which location is the meeting ?
(12-30-2018, 05:28 PM)Adithya_0110 Wrote: At which location is the meeting ?

This is happening at Eat Street Koramangala on 6th January 2019
The Road and Your Ride Defines Who You Are,


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