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Pranjal, Biswajeet and Tamal declared as the 1st batch of IBRMC Kolkata

After a month long discussion, members’ decision through voting and feedback received about the probable nominees,  Biswajeet Dutta  and  Tamal Bose have been appointed as the new Chapter Heads of IBRMC Kolkata chapter. They now join  Pranjal Gohain who was already managing the club’s responsibilities since quite while. Together, these 3 CHs will manage IBR’s activities in and around Kolkata and help our community to spread the wings further towards East and North-East region of India.

The new chapter heads will be formally inducted in IBRMC planning commission team.
Congratulations Kolkata team!
I'd rather be riding my motorcycle thinking about God than sitting in church thinking about my motorcycle.
Today, Kolkata chapter completes 1 year of formation. Cheers!!
Congrats Kolkata Team

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Wishing a happy anniversary to IBR Kolkatta Chapter! All the best to the new chapter heads!
Congo Bongos !!!! Best Wishes from the land of Biryani !!!!
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