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When the Night Falls, the Bull Roars
Hello Folks,

Presenting the first Night Ride for IBRMC kolkata Chapter. This will be a short night ride to express food plaza, kolaghat.

The plan: 

Start the ride and reach kolaghat
Meet the brothers from Returning from "High Endurance Rubber Burner" and "Need for Vitamin Sea" ride
Ride back as a group..

If all goes well, we will have 60% of the chapter on the roads that day. So please come forward and participate..

Date: 22 April 2018
Time: 8pm to 12am

Riding gears:
All gears mandatory: High ankel shoes, full face helmet(rider and pillion), Riding Jackets or Hard jacket which can save you during a fall, Knee guards(if not wearing riding pant), Elbow guards(if not wearing riding jacket)

Distance: 80Kms one way (approx)
Average Speed: 75kmph

IBRMC Kolkata Admin Team

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