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Shivam Tomar - New Delhi - 03/29/2018
Here's my journal of IBR Chapter Run

My name - Shivam Tomar
I belong to - New Delhi chapter at the time of this post
I am planning to start my chapter run on 03/29/2018 and have a full 1 year to complete it. 

Here's my plan....

This is a tentative plan, might deviate a bit depending on work. 

March 29 - April 1 : Jaipur & Udaipur 
June/July : Mumbai & Pune 
Around Bulletiapa 2018 : Bangalore, Hyderabad & Chennai
~ not a geographical location, more a place in the heart !
** Chapter run ride approved for Shivam**

You have to complete this ride before March 30, 2019. Please ensure that all proofs (images, CH consent etc.) are posted on this thread.
Ride update

My Rajasthan leg has been postponed till the tri-chapter meet.

Doing mustang valley at the moment.

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~ not a geographical location, more a place in the heart !
All de best ride safe bro

Sent from my Coolpad 3600I using Tapatalk
phani reddy
ride safe ride hard
Waiting to see you grabbing the Chapter Runner Award .. @Shivam

Keep Riding.. Keep Thumping
Miles to RIDE....Before i sleep ...... Smile

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