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indiabullridersIBR Chapter Runner - Official event
The Chapter Run is an officially approved ride for registered IBR members wherein the rider is supposed to cover all recognized chapters for a particular year (usually between 2 Bulletiapa's, since a new chapter is official recognized only during Bulletiapa) within a specified time frame as defined in the guidelines.  This is not a race or a competition, so rider can complete the Chapter Run at a decent pace.

In order to achieve the coveted title of an "IBR Chapter Runner" you need to:

  1. This ride is only for registered IBR members.
  2. Discuss the plan with your local chapter head beforehand.
  3. Register as a contender of Chapter Runner only when you have a planned start date. This step will create a new thread on forum under "IBR Chapter Run" section. 
  4. Once registered, you need to complete the chapter run circle 1 year from the planned start date. That means, in case you have registered with a start date of 1st January 2018, you should cover all recognized chapters (refer to the list based on the year calendar below) before 31st December 2018.
  5. The contender is supposed to meet Chapter Head or member of planning commission or an elected representative (in case Chapter Head(s) or planning commission members are not available).
  6. The chapter representative need to confirm by replying to the thread by providing date and time when they met the chapter runner.  A picture is also recommended. 
  7. Once all chapters are covered, the chapter runner can reply to the post by providing all confirmations and proofs. 
IBR Administrators will go through the proofs submitted. They might also get in touch with all chapter representatives and chapter head of contender's location to get more details and proofs. If any proof is objectionable or manipulated, the contender will not be awarded the title and he / she may be either asked to withdraw, repeat or revise the ride.

Read more here ......
Post your queries here and will be happy to respond.
Hi Chief,
Does the chapter run has to be on the bike??? Cos my official travel calendar says I will be visiting almost all chapter states this year on flights except Kolkata and guwahati which I can complete on the bike later this year.

If this is approved


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~ not a geographical location, more a place in the heart !
Only bike (read terms and conditions)

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