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Brotherhood ride to Hyderabad Bulletiappa
Brotherhood ride to HYD Bulletiapa

Come October, the annual bulletiappa meet of the India Bull riders is one event not many of the members ever like to give a miss. This year, the Hyderabad chapter had been given the honor of hosting it and ever since June the silver lining had started shining over the clouds. The dates given were 6th to 8th of Oct. 
Chennai chapter members eager to ride out the full 700+ kms planned a two day ride for covering the same. Starting out on the fifth, the plan outlaid was to stop at Ongole, 300 kms from Chennai and ride the remaining kms by 6th noon to reach the venue of the event. With 3 members dropping out at the last minute, the final riding troop turned out to be 9 in number – 7 Royal enfields, 1 Triumph Bobber and 1 Indian scout, the “brothers over brands” motto continued.
Eagerness to stretch the bikes showed as everyone arrived earlier than the scheduled 5am on 5th morning.  The 9 trooper started off with Venkat(cap10) in lead, followed by Naveen, Kalyani Mani, Dinesh, Myself (Giri), Praveen, Siva, Vignesh (on the Indian Scout) and Viki (on the Triumph Bobber) as the sweep.   Siva’s Thunderbird developed some electrical problems and there was a small delay. Kicking it back to life we rode on for 100 and odd kms to have our Breakfast at Amaravathi, near Naidupet, Andra Pradesh. Around 11am we had just another 75kms to cover when the Thunderbird decided to take things at a slower pace and hence stopped completely. Vignesh started to tow it but in a short while took off suddenly and disappeared. Viki, Siva and myself towed it for a few kms to the nearest town. Shortly Viki and Praveen went in search of a mini truck and it took over an hour while the rest of us waited on the highway making every snacks packet, juices or water disappear. Lifting the bike over on to the mini truck we packed off Siva too with it asking him to meet us at Ongole. There, a RE authorised dealership repaired the TB back to running condition though they couldn’t get the self starter going. 
Trust me, the breakdown though giving us a few tense hours, brought out the brotherhood in all and we laughed through it all as we ended the day with beer and biriyani halting for the night at a small lodge in Ongole. 
Though we chatted over drinks till late that night, Cap10 instructed everyone the ride out will be at 4am. And as if to escalate tension VIgi and Naveen went around banging everyone’s room at 1.30 am asking them to get ready!! With just a tea and breakfast stop at roadside eateries, we reached hyderabad around 12pm. Sai prasan of HYD chapter, who had been assigned for us guided us in and out of Hyderabad traffic to stop at Rajendar dhaba where all the members of all IBR chapters were to meet and greet. Post lunch, barring Bangalore chapter delayed due to a small accident, more than 200 engines roared their way for 52 kms to reach the “Hidden castle”. That ride felt really good as we rode in 2 formation, marshalled through the traffic.
After handing over the goodies, the dorms were allotted. 6 beds were arrayed into one bunker. Eight of such bunkers filled up one dorm room. The bunker beds proved perfect for our tired muscles. For the next 60 hours we were to rest, rejoice, rejuvenate, and participate in the races, rock shows.
Rejoice we did every evening over some beer or whisky, chatting away into the night or dancing away to the rock music played by some very talented bands. We all took turns at participating in various competitions. The obstacle race was a real stickler as Chocks, who had arrived with the Bangalore chapter, got his bike stuck in the slush for more than a quarter hour. 3 more of us – Vignesh, Naveen and Me also took part using Naveen’s bike in turns. It surprised all other chapters as they found that we had to wash the mud off only 2 bikes while they had so many in queue ( 
Beer and biriyani was a fun event which we voted Vignesh to represent Chennai. It turned out a bit heavy for all chapters to match Hyderabad representative‘s nonchalant win.
Thus went 3 nights of fun and frolic, and on 8th evening we surprised everyone by coolly accepting the offer to host the next year’s Bulletiapa at Chennai. 
Early on 9th morning we geared up to ride out at 4am. Alas! The Indian scout had other plans. It wouldn’t start as the battery had run down. Many at that point would have been softly swearing at Vignesh for not starting and letting his bike run for a few minutes like all others had done the previous day.  Wonder if Vignesh heard them. Anyway Praveen had a few tricks up his sleeve. He asked us to scout around to get him pieces of wire preferably thick ones. Even in that darkness we got 2 sets and soon with some help Praveen used Naveen’s Classic 500’s battery to jump start the Indian scout with success bringing up a roar of relief from all of us, Vignesh in particular !! An hour had gone in the process but then we had time on our hands. Guiding us this time through the traffic of Hyderabad was Captain and somewhere midway Siva bid farewell to us as he was staying at Hyderabad for the week.
During lunch we discussed whether to halt for the night at Ongole or ride all the way through the Chennai. A sleepy team we were by evening time and we halted at Ongole. Next day having rested well  the ride was smooth throughout and everyone reached their homes by noon.  
We may not have been a big riding group considering most other chapters, but we rode safe and straight and always as a pack, never splitting even through breakdowns. A splendid ride it turned out with no comebacks !!
Written by Girish Gopalakrishnan
Awesome Praveen bhai....great write up Giri...

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There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors"
Perfectly Written Giri Bhai...
One Life To Ride !!!
Very nice bhailog !!!
Signature chuha kha gaya !!! Angry
Nice to see a BLOG on the event... Hy5.

Thanks for the BeAuTiFuL Write Up Giri...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd

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