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IBR's First official T-Shirt 2011
Dear All,

IBR's First Official T-shirts has arrived and are ready for Distribution. The T-shirts are manufactured by one of the very reputed company in the sports fraternity named Shiv Naresh. The quality we have received is above the expectations.

There are 3 styles of the T-shirts which will be made available for purchase by our members. For Example -

Collared and Round Neck and 1 Exclusively for Megadventure Part 1 and Part 2 aspirants, The Megadventure T-shirts are a bit different from the Normal one as it is printed with Names, a Specimen is hereunder

? Robbie was Leh?D ?

This category is only designed for Megadventure aspirants.

Price List

Collared Megadventure T-shirts : - Rs. 335/-
Collared Club T-shirt : - Rs. 280/-
Round Neck Club T-shirt :- Rs. 250/-

Members who have already paid Rs. 300/- against Leh?D Tees needs to pay an added amount of Rs. 35/- .

Mr. Abid Javed will be handling all the transactions related to T-shirts and one needs to pay him upfront so that he?ll get the Tees in the next Subsequent meet.

MA Part 1 participants will get the Tees at the Flag off Point itself.

If you are a new face and have attended only few meets and have not ridden with IBR then you might need to wait for sometime. The Quantity is limited and we want to give away the t-shirts to the ones who are regular in our meets. New Members might need to wait for the second lot of the order to be placed, and by that time they make sure they become regulars.

On behalf of IBR I would like to thank Mr. Abid Javed & Mr. Varun for Expediting the whole process of T-shirt printing which consist of the initial talk, choosing of the fabric, factory visit, and what not. We would like to award them 1 IBR Reputation Point each for their contribution towards the fraternity.

Thank you Abid and Thank you Varun.
I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move - Robert Louis Stevenson
Nice job guys... can't wait to wear the first release of official IBR tees.

@Robbie - As discussed, please ship the tees to Mumbai as soon as possible.

1 IBR point to each Abid and Varun ... good job guys!
@ Robbie - I will be a reg. in the team meets. Once i become regular, can i get 10 t-shirts, lol. Want it all over day and night and just seeing it Smile

PS - I am sure you are just treating it as a joke and in fact it is Big Grin
RedBull gives you wings!!
it's really a gud news.. Kudos to Abid and Varun for their efforts for such a responsible and hectic job.... indeed they deserve a hats off salute... DUG,DUG,DUG,DUG... Smile
play safe , any game
Abid & Varun gr8 job guys. So we got the T's as expected. Feeling impatient to get hold of the T's.

@Abid: I had ordered for 2 & paid for Rs 300, do I get 2? I will keep Rs 370(335 for second & 35 balance in the first payment)
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gr8 guys .. truly appreciate you for the ownership/responsibility you took
Cheers!<br />---------------------------------------------------<br />Born to ride forced to work!
thanks all for the appreciation..... it was heck of a job to go and get everything in order. But considering it was for all of you guys, its well worth it. I hope you all like and use these T-shirts to the maximum.
Thanks to varun for getting us a good deal.
I think more than me Robbie deserves the IBR point coz he was the one who has chipped in major chunk of the money..... I have only coordinated our efforts, since I had time in hand.
Suresh - you have 2 t-shirts bro and your calculation is bang on.
I will get the MA - 1 participants T-shirts straight to the flag off point.
Shut up and RIDE!!
@ Sajeesh - I will be sending the tees today positively...
I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move - Robert Louis Stevenson
Great Job Abid and Varun,,We are really proud to have both of u as our brothers,,,,I must admit that u came out of the mob and executed it,,,,,Thanks from the entire IBR team and the IBR points are very well deserved....
Will catch u 2moro morning ,,,Cheers,,,
I m not Arrogant,I Ride Royal Enfield.
well done guys. the reputation well deserved. good u all god bless.


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