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hebbar.pratimaMy First - As a Ride Captain 30 July 2017
Congrats Pratima.. Way to go..
There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path
(07-31-2017, 07:15 PM)hebbar.pratima Wrote: I have always been fascinated with the way we ride. Be it discipline, be it the formation, be it the location, be it the brotherhood, be it the fun or be it the ride itself. I always used to tag right behind the ride captain most of time just for the fun even though many would make fun of me.

Exploring the unknown has been a quench since long and I keep troubling google earth most of the time to find the oasis. That’s how I found this place. Tanush and I went to ride to this place. Came back and posted few pictures to the volunteer group. One fine day I was asked to host a ride to this place. I happily agreed but I was in ambiguity the moment the ride was posted as I didn’t know weather I would be able to pull it off or not, what if something goes wrong, what if I fail etc etc. Most of the time I was assured that everything will be fine and Vinay & Akthar Bhai has been a great support for easing my ambiguity most of the time.
I have lead group of girls before, but this was different.

Goosebumps were running on my stomach a day before the ride as many of my girls who have confirmed to come for the ride have dropped out and I wasn’t able to sleep not knowing how may would actually turn up. Finally managed to catch 2 hours of sleep and got ready to go to the starting point. I was late by 8 minutes since it not easy to say bye to a 9 year old daughter at 5 in the morning. I saw few riders already lined up for the ride and I was relieved seeing at least few bikes. :-P. But wait, we had 29 bikes, two cars and 42 people for the ride when we began. I was unable to judge the pace and initial 20 KM I had almost about 5 bike’s gap behind me. Sleep was kicking in and I was scared as well weather I will be able to pull this off on time or not. But slowly I started to understand the pattern and gradually got back on the rhythm of riding with a pack of bulls. I stopped just before the off road stretch to explain the tricks of off roading on a motorcycle which helped many new comers. We reached the destination 15 minutes before the scheduled time and was relieved. The ride was a combination of all. A perfect tarmac, lovely weather, adrenaline rushing off roading and a bit of history which dates back to 500 + years.

After the exploration, off roading on Akthar Bhai’s bike, photoshoots we staretd our journey back. This was more interesting as I was maintaining a great speed and I could see everyone pumping the same pace. It was all smiles upon reaching the disperse point and we indeed came back with memories. I was feeling proud of myself and to be honest got extra air of confidence after leading the group for first time in IBR’s history on an interstate roads, having zero breakdowns and a wonderful ride I hope I lived up to the expectations and looking forward to do many more rides.

Sincere thanks to Nandeesh, Akthar Bhai, Ayyanna, Prabhat and Vinay for making this ride successful.

Please refer the below link for more pics.

Until Next time,

Prats u were amazing on ur first ride as RC ur very humble to give credit to us, but all the credit goes to u for organising n managing a big bunch of riders that too interstate , u rock. Awesome keep it up

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Way to Go Tiger !!!

Congrats for the Ride !!!
We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.

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