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anubisSolo exploration
day 6 Mayali to CHopta    

This was a very short ride about 60 to 70 kms. i wake up and pay the 200 that was decided previous night and just while i was about to leave he asked thoda paper doge roll karne ke liye. i hesitated coz i did not want to go short of it or have to look for it. Thats why I was carrying extra but then he said "apko aage agasthmuni main mil jayega". I gave him one packet and just started, eventually i did replenish the packet in agasthmuni but thats a very minor detail. By noon i was nearing chopta. here i met another solo traveller. He was
on his thunderbird. i just waved at him while passing and he returned the gesture. But after a while i could see him in my rear view mirror so i just stopped to talk. Then on talking i get to know that he is from dandeli and has been travelling from there solo in search of some local black and also visit tungnath. So we decide to ride together to chopta and camped around the same area. Here we met some really nice people. Such humble and selfless people i cant explain. We pitch tents or i should say he pitched his tent and i was trying to figure out
my tent. Not like i did not know how to do it, but this time it was just not coming right no matter how many times i tried. finally i notice that the top cover is of Arpenaz 3+ and my tent is Arpenaz3XL. So i cursed all my friends who might have done this even though it was a mistake. But i just borrowed some ropes from the other guy (Name : Atul) and pitch my tent as firmly as i could. And since i had an entire day to pitch tent,i did some beautification of the ropes to shorten its length Smile things you end up doing to pass time while alone.

So post this the real session started. Atul asked you dont smoke cigarettes but you dont do anything else? i replied with i dont like tobacco, liqour i dont drink at all, i could see he was eagerly waiting for the last bit i said "i have gone all natural so only green". He exhaled by saying "something in common" and pulls out a broken chillum, some green and a bottle with two holes. prepared a bottle bong and passed it on. This was the first time i was even holding a bong so he told how to use it and 2 PM we both were stoned. Trying to find shade in my tent
he decided to go crash in his tent. i decently went into mine and did the same. 20 mins later we hear some screams of excitement and cheering.
We both pretty much walked out of the tent at same time to see what was happening. turns out there is gully cricket going on, wickets kept in middle of the road. Scoring opportunities are plenty if you hit the ball uphill and you are out if you hit the ball into the valley or goes below the road level. But the most amazing part is if the ball goes down hill there is literally a person running behind it all the way down until the ball is fetched again.


Ball made using old cloth, socks and what not Wink

 The stamina these guys showed at this altitude was tremendous. We were also invited to play on one condition that we will have to fetch the ball if it goes down during our fielding. i did not even try fielding Wink the day passed and by evening we knew pretty much every one in chopta, the forest officer/warden, 3 shop owners of the only 3 shops in that stretch and all the guys working in these 3 shops we all decide to go out on a short ride and an entourage of 4 bikes leave the lane of chopta until we reached a view point not many know off.


while standing at the view one of the shop owners made the first move by saying "kya apke paas paper hai, mujhe ek baba ne thoda prasad diya hai."
i nodded saying "sab kuch toh tent main hai." So they start making it in a cigarette only. In between he says kaala toh hoga na apke paas.
i again nodded "tent main hai". immediate ecstatic look on every bodies face there. "Humein bhi pilaon na bhai" was a chorus i heard.
due to bad light we could spot only a few animals in that range and we return to our tents, i quickly realize how cold it was going to be by night and that my tent was not going to be fully functional due to a shorter cover. so we pay the shop guy for some fire wood and make some fire in front of our tents. there were bong sessions happening continuously so were pretty high most of the evening and by night was stoned enough to forget about how cold it was and settled into our tents. Early morning 5 or 5:30 AM start the trek to tungnath was the plan we made before getting into our tents..... until day 7.....
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