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Overnight Meet IBRMC Hyderabad Monsoon Ride & Camping
Overnight Ride IBRMC Hyderabad Monsoon Ride & Camping

After a long wait, the day arrived where in a big chunk of riders from HYD chapter decided to meetup for a ride and a camping adventure.
The list of the riders started to float on our whatsapp group , the list was clocking at 30 + members. 

The day unfolded and the numbers weren't a disappointment. A good number of guys turned up.  The ride started at Kukatpally,(Bike0pedia)
The shop is owned by our Teja. The ride started at 2.30 and it was a challenge for 20+ riders to make it to the highway in midst of the crazy afternoon traffic on the bombay highway.

I happened to join the pack midway as i was on a different route.  Met the pack at the 1st halt, "" Famous Chai Shop "" and the chai is really worth mentioning. Amazing in taste. After 3 rounds of Chai we started off to our destination. "" Padmavathi Farms "".  A pristine 40 acre farmhouse ,with mango and guava plantations all over. With the monsoons on our tail the scenery around us was green. ( farmhouse owned by one of a fellow rider -- Kiran Vedantam.

Our master chefs -- Raku / maddy / dummu / phani ( big ) were already at the venue waiting for us. They had the responsibility to cook for the day. Once we reached , we settled down for some bakar, and the count for beer started. With a long list and a great responsibility few of us went back to the town to get the daaru. They returned after an hour and everyone had smiles Big Grin , 440 watt smiles.

In the meantime our master chefs started they magic , dishing out good food for the evening. ( Pics will follow )
with some chilled beer , chicken fry, garlic dips  the bakar session started. New riders were introduced to IBR rules, life , culture. 
The new folks had an introduction session and with some ragging the evening prolonged.

The clock struck 12 and it was Tejas birthday. We all happened to wish him and with the folks around, eager to give Teja some birthday bums one epic event happened. Wink Smile Tongue  ( Our HYD Chapter Founder ANIL YVS  got stung by a SCORPION ) He was taken to the near by hospital and the doctor asked if the scorpion was dead or not ?? Tongue Tongue Tongue  BTW the scorpion was killed by the HYD chapter army.

He was back in a giffy and vaping and beer , and bakar continued. We officially named ANIL -- the scorpion king. He has to be addressed as the SCORPION KING hence going forward.

Things that starts well, ends well. few folks were busy playing TT / 8 ball. Few crashed. Few continued with the bakar till wee hours of the morning. Next morning with the hearty breakfast of mangoes , plucked right from the farm we bid goodbye and promised to be back soon. 

Pics will follow.. 

Signing off.

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We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.
A few more pics from the meet...

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We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.
Mast travelogue n pics chairag spl thanks to kiran for spending good time in farmhouse

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phani reddy
ride safe ride hard
Hahaha awesome write up Chiraag Bhai... special thanks to Kiran and our chefs for the awesome food... looking forward for many more events ?....

#hailIBR #hailbiryanigang
Road never ends
Mile covered is a mile pending.....Smile

Chirag you missed to mention about how you cooked that garlic dip..2 big bowls of dip were completed and it was obviously over shadowing chicken...

Also special thank to our Vegetarian Chef Raana for cooking Paneer.

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Awesome Bhailog...

Good ride to start the riding season after a HOTTTT Summer...

Am sure this would continue...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd
Good going Hyderabad.....! M sure lot of #JashnEkSaath discussions happened too... Waiting for it eagerly.!
You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle...!!!!
Awesome Write Up Lone Wolf...

Keep doing it as you are good at it...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd

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