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Prakashdhuk dhuk dhuk...dhadaam ..puff..kaput :(
With a very heavy heart and heartful of annoyance towards RE, I have to admit that the smile is gone.
Yesterday while travelling back from office the bull just stopped after a few hiccups.
Tried the e start and nothing, tried again and not even 'no' of nothing. Battery dead. :o
I could feel my heart starting to pound in my mouth, swalloed it whole, pressed choke and in 5 kicks managed to start. Forced to perform the same ardous task half a kilometer ahead, this time 10 kicks. Not know what to do, opened the side panel and exchanged the fuse but Mr Murphy was on my side. Started somehow and moved along, until I realised that the bike would instantaneously shut down as and when I would switch on the lights.
Now, whoever said that hypertension is coz of lack of some vitamin A/B../Z is hyperwrong. I am no less worried than Manmohan is of Anna.

Need somebody to tell me that its not all that bad. Somebody please help.

1. Even with the headlights switched off the bike stalls after a kilometer or so.
2. Apart from battery replacement, what else should I check for.
3. The engine while idling makes a different noise than earlier, sounds like clattering of small parts.
4. Taking it to the service centre on friday, bull still under 7K in 4 months (10K/1 year warranty period). Where should I take it, horrible experience with Lamba enterprises in Tilak Nagar, looking for a good SVC in Gurgaon.

Please yaar, phati padi hai. Riding jacket aur gloves pehen ke bhai ki 'discover' chala raha hoon :o
Got things to go<br />and places to do
It being C500 you have no option but the service centre . most probably it will be battery,spark plug or some faulty switch . don't worry.
Thanks,<br />Amardeep Sahota
Could be spark plug... i have heard many instances that the smaller spark plug gets fused somehow (not sure why). faulty current at regular intervals will result in the issues you were facing.

It's a silly question to ask but do you fuel in tank??
as sajeesh said do check the spark plugs,the battery terminals or some wire short circuiting(this could be problem if bike is turning off while moving handle bar or in jerks) , also when you take it to service centre ask them to check the Engine Head Packing.
in delhi you can try Ess Arr Motors, South Delhi Motors, Amar Autos for servicing.
play safe , any game
brother I am very sure it is your ignition switch which kaput..... and it is a common issue in C5... go ahead to service station they will change whole key set (all locks & ignition switch ) under warranty. Angry

liked the last line./.... gloves and riding jacket on DISCOVER Big GrinBig Grin
Cheers!<br />---------------------------------------------------<br />Born to ride forced to work!
I agree with Sahil, this is a common problem with CS500.
I normally face this problem here in Mumbai due to humid climate. First time it happen to me on a ride and that too during night, i had to open the ignition switch and rub it on road to get rid of carbon deposit.
I too got my switches replaced under warranty (after following RE for 45 days Sad )but its of no use , new switches faced the same issue in a month.

I keep a small WD40 spray in my right side toolbox, it cost just 125/- and whenever such situations occur. Spray it and move on.
Live in the moment... will never get it back...
Apart from all this. You may want to check your charging coil, if its gone bad you will face similar problem. And for some weird reason, I have heard that the spark plugs conk off when you ride in reserve (I know there is no knob to turn in C500) but when the fuel indicator goes red you have to tank up immediately.
Thanks guys for the amazingly fast replies and honestly its taking me some time to digest it all (occupational hazard of a technically challanged person)
@Sahota: you said what I wanted to hear and I am a little less worried now Smile
@Sajeesh: even I thought so initially but had just got them cleaned in the last service abt 500kms back. I didn't really understand how does a spart plug fuse itself( I presume it doesnt have the spark anymore). And yes, checked for fuel, and it was there.
@Anupam: I presume its not a wire shorting itself. Can you give me a little more detail on what to check for in the engine head packing. EssArr motors is where I am headed this time. Thanks brother.
@Sahil: ab ye ignition switch kahan hota hai aur kya karta hai. Thanks for telling though, whatever it is I shall get it changed. And the poor discover maxes out at 80 where I am used to cruising on Delhi-Gurgaon road at the same speed.
@Chaudhary: Went to buy WD40 in Virender nagar motor market and shockingly those guys didn't even know hwat it was. Guess KB se hi lana padega.
@Anand: Ek aur aafat (charging coil)! Shall get that checked too.
I have also heard about riding on low fuel to cause issues.

Friends thanks a ton for helping me here. Armed with this knowledge I can make the Mech work on 'NYX' properly instead of trying to do some jugaad which won't last too long.
Hoping to meet you guys at Nehru park Sunday morning Wink
Got things to go<br />and places to do
Welcome bro!
Ignition switch wo hota hai jahan aap chaabi lagate ho Smile
WD40 will be available on most of the hardware stores and not the auto spare parts shops.
Thanks,<br />Amardeep Sahota
accha woh 'Ignition switch' B)
dimaag ki batti jal gayi
thanks brother Smile
Got things to go<br />and places to do

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