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rockingrajanNirvana @ Gokarna – IBRMC Bangalore
[Image: gk.jpg]

Rakesh: Gokarna chalna hai September mai, Overnighter hai?
Me: Abe Fati padi hai, Kangaal hu ekdum. Account k bhi Aaansu nikal aaye hai. Tongue
Rakesh: Chal naa re mast ride hoga. Gokarna you shouldn’t miss.
Me: 2-3 din de bhai soch k bolta hu.

This was how it started & I did not even assume that I will be riding to Gokarna. After thinking for straight 5 days after the registrations opened up, my decision landed up in a big “Yes” to Gokarna. The major reason was “Chase the monsoon ride - Goa” which we did last year & was certainly a kickass ride(Yes, it was. Full on masti mode on with rains,breakdowns accompanying us. What else you want). I did my registration & informed Rakesh about it. To my shock, Rakesh told that he could not join the ride as his bike have some issues & he couldn’t ride.

Bangalore was under section 144 due to Cauvery issue for quite a few days before the ride. Moreover, Satish Bhai & Keerthi was quite skeptical about the riding it to Gokarna as the situation was going pathetic. Wednesday 14th September our super cop Sunil Bhai gave us a green signal for the ride. On a serious note, no one wants to miss this ride & after hearing this news I was so happy & super excited that left office early to start my packing for the ride.
The crazy night before the ride arrived. Whatsapp group getting flooded with messages. Hardly, few of the riders could sleep. I was watching tv, keeping a check again & again sometimes on tools & spares sometimes it was riding gears. At 0100hours when I realized that I have to report at 0330hours, I gave a thought of taking a power nap of 45mins & start getting ready by 0200hours(15mins+ is something I consider when I want to sleep).I asked Prabhat to give me a wake-up call at 0145hours. Meditation is something which helped me with a fresh sleep all the time irrespective of the amount of time I have slept. I plugged the earphones & started the meditation which was the 1st time it wasn’t a success. I got up after trying for 15minutes & pinged on WhatsApp that I am still awake & will no more need a wake-up call.

0220Hours: I saddled up & started for Ecospace where I have to join  Satish Bhai,Ashish Bhai & Prabhat. I reached the place on time at 0230 hours , soon others joined & we moved towards KR Puram where we were supposed to meet Ayanna,Mahesh Bhai,Sawan Bhai & few other brothers. We hailed towards yeswanthpur our starting point & reached at 0330 hours. There were few riders who started late & as a discipline of our club we don’t delay the ride. The brothers were asked to join us at 1st pit stop which was almost 90-100kms from the starting point. So 22 riders +1 pillion, 6 people in two cars … vroom get set go.

0400hours “Gokarna here we come”:

We started with 70-80kmph till Nella Mangala before taking the Hassan route & soon we were cruising to 85-95kmph as it was a straight road. Mahesh Bhai & Satish Bhai was Tail while others like me ,Nandeesh, Ayanna(Marshall) were riding behind. We slowed down to 80kmph after 15 km as Ashish Sir was not able to speed up more than 80kmph neither can hold on a certain speed for a longer time. Ashish Bhai apprised us that his bike had undergone a piston change & as advised by the mechanic he cannot speed up his bike. So, we decided to go behind Ashish Bhai. The brothers who were late soon joined us before the 1st pit stop.

The very 1st Chai of early morning is a bliss & it goes more amazing when you are on a ride with brothers. The 1st pit stop was more of a savior for me. I couldn't wait to reach the breakfast point & started ingesting,attacked papadi & buns available on that Chai shop.

We started for breakfast point soon after covering 60kms. The place was small but it has fed us with yummy idli,vada,poori sabzi. Everyone was quite relieved after having breakfast & was ready to start further. 1000 hours we reached shivamogga & stopped for fueling up. The small restaurant in front of petrol bunk was attacked by IBRMC Bangalore on a good note. The glowing eyes of restaurant owner were prudent enough assuring me that he is counting on how much money will he make in next 15-20 minutes. Big Grin. The itinerary was planned to visit Jog falls before entering Gokarna & we started towards it. After going for 40km, the last set of brothers doing tail( 6-7 members) have to stop as our brother Sandeep who rides a Himalayan felt sick & was not in a position to continue further. It was Keerthi who took charge of riding Sandeep`s bike till Gokarna while Sandeep was asked to come in the car with Chandan & Gayatree.

[Image: img_3510.jpg]

The 7 of us started cruising at 100-110kmph as it was a straight empty road. Vinay Bhai, Satish Bhai, Mahesh Bhai,Keerthi,Nandeesh, Ayanna & Me. We were so amazed living up that moment straight roads, ghats, greenery, cool breeze & listening to Godsmack what a pleasure!!! . We entered the ghats to reach Jog falls. Misty cool weather was welcomed us & the time we reached the falls, they were camouflaged with the mist. It was 1500 hours, so before capturing Jog falls we had lunch. The lunch menu has a limited variety but the food was yummy, we loved it. The best part about food is, the smaller place you go tastier it would be. Well, I have a lot to talk about food which I would share in 2nd half of this blog. Before we pushed off further, Jog falls mesmerized us with its lovely view. We clicked pictures , cracked jokes, pose our best to get into that superstar frame of Ayanna's lens.
[Image: 3.jpg]
50km before Gokarna, we stopped for a Chai break around 6pm. We had Chai & small bakar session while few brothers were busy buying booze as nothing could fill-in for OMR(National Drink of Bikers). Vinay Bhai & Satish Bhai started working out with the route of the resort we booked.  We were on the road again after 30 minutes, it was 1830 hours & started getting dark. The road has a lot of diversions, single lane & the roads were slippery due to rains due to which we did not cruise above 60kmph. 3kms before the resort was fun filled “Off-Roading”, yes this was enough to spark us.LED`s on & a great welcome. Off-Roading > Tar Road>Off-roading, due to some confusion we reached to a wrong resort which was sorted out soon by Vinay Bhai & we followed him. Our resort too had a great off roading of 700mts. As it was dark, we cautiously did off-roading & parked the bikes. The resort was good. After 1 hour everyone gathered & the party started & went till 12. It was tiring 500km but indeed everyone enjoyed it.

[Image: img_35221.jpg]

[Image: 12.jpg]

Day 2:

“Rajan.. uth” – Did someone shouted my name? (I thought someone is echoing)

“Rajan”- This was hell scary & I just was standing.

When I went out of my blues there was Kala standing in front of me smiling & saying “9:30 ho gaya hai, trek par nahi chalna kya.. sab chale gaye”. I was like haan abhi aaya 2 min mai. I took 10mins & attacked breakfast.  Soon, I met Satish Bhai, Keerthi, Chandan and Gayatree giggling on some last night joke. Soon we realized everyone went except Keerthi, Chandan & me due to some unavoidable circumstances. Big Grin.

Finally, we started moving towards the Kudle beach, Mahesh Bhai n Ashish Sir joined us. Mahesh Bhai & Ashish sir were taking selfies but we three kept moving forward. Apparently, we three realized that the trek gang has been to OM beach & we have to trek and go there. We looked at each other & smiled. Keerthi was the best person at that moment as he has done a trek in Gokarna multiple times, so I & Chandan started following him. Keerthi was telling stories about his last time & we were enjoying it. We trekked for almost 1.2kms & reached Om Beach.

[Image: 6.jpg]

“Beautiful” – The very 1st word which came to mind. Especially, When I was able to see a connect of rocks making an OM. Yes, it was a good feeling. We saw our trek gang there & started chasing them. A few minutes later, it was time to get into water & get to the nearby spot where you stand see & feel tides. Satish Bhai was in full adventure mode, then I realized that “Paani se inko bohot pyar hai, ye aaj nahi rukenge”. Few were clicking our pictures, few were chilling around & then we reached back to the shore & planned to settle down ourselves for some food and beer. Nirvana Café was the place. It was great. Mazza & beer was there on the table … “Hardly for a second”. We were gulping mazzas like anything.

[Image: 1.jpg]

We stayed there for an hour & the trek gang decided to go further, while us lazy buggers/Not Interested decided to stay in the café for some more time. So we clicked pictures together & the group went ahead. Abhilash & few others joined us. Soon there were beers on the table again. 40minutes later, We decided to head back to the resort & on the way, Keerthi realized we had something missing now which we had when we started. We checked & it was me who missed it, tried really hard to find but no luck. :-P. Sad faces heading back to the resort. :-D . A dog joined us for the trek. The ending of Mahabharata clicked me when Yudhishtara was on his way to heaven following a dog, though it was funny but we enjoyed discussing it. We started following him & after some 300mts, the dog stopped & we found our way back to the Kudle beach then to the resort.

We relaxed for some time, took a shower. A few minutes later, we saw an SOS on our IBR group by Nandeesh. We were constantly getting calls from brothers in Bangalore. While Nandeesh, who went for the trek was not reachable neither any other person from the gang was reachable. We tried contacting them but no one was reachable.For next 15 minutes this circus went & finally, Ayanna picked up and confirmed that they are safe, they lost their way. He also confirmed that the gang is taking a bus to Gokarna bus stand & from there they will hire an auto to reach back the resort.We were relieved after the call, few ordered beers while others ordered food actually to digest the news that all are safe.

Some of our brothers who stayed in the resort was checking the rear wheel of Himalayan. Mahesh Bhai checked & found that it’s a puncture & that's what we brothers are ready for breakdowns. It was afternoon 3:30pm, damn hot & humid. The tube was changed but as the rear wheel too is a disc brake in Himalayan, it took quite an effort to fit in. Keerthi, the most experienced among others & one of the best sweeps of IBR Bangalore came up with an idea to fit back the rear wheel without chain as it would not fit with chain. The wheel was placed back & the chain link has been taken out to fit the chain on the sprocket. “Fixed” was the shout I heard.

[Image: km.jpeg]

We started back to the dining area & had food. There were delicious Pancakes with Nutella on the table which I loved it & ordered another one. 30 minutes later, we got a call from Satish Bhai to meet in some restaurant at Kudle beach. I, Chandan & Keerthi started towards Kudle Beach & met the gang. Well, I was getting a vibe that we are trapped as I remember Goa when we were thrown into the water. Satish Bhai was behind Keerthi, somehow we both managed to escape. Next Moment,I turned and saw that Satish Bhai,  Ayanna, Nandeesh, Firdouse Bhai & few others were holding Chandan and running towards the water. The time they threw him in the water, I & Keerthi started running towards the resort. Everyone was laughing like crazy. When they were back, got to hear that Chandan didn’t have a good time. He was trapped multiple times & also, he was the subject of sand art. :-D

[Image: img_3515.jpg]

There was an incident happened in front of our brothers apart from all the masti they had on the beach.There was a group of friends who visited the Kudle beach. Two guys who were brothers in real drowned in the sea. It was IBR brothers, who actually helped to pull out the bodies on the shore. There was a silence we could figure out on many faces.

The gang was back to form soon. It was party time. We heard the trek stories, did party, laughed on old Hindi songs videos(The expression of actors.. this was epic) & never ending bakar. For few, the party went till 12 for few it was 3am in the morning. Goodbyes kept coming till I reached my room. I played some psychedelic tracks on my phone, plugged the earphones & slept off.

[Image: 14.jpg]

Day 3: Back to Bangalore:

When I was into a different dream zone, Suddenly a very loud voice was felt on my ear drum “Utho Be” & when I managed to open the eyes, it was Satish Bhai standing in front me. It was 6:30am. Next thing which I could hear from him was “Arre Bulldozer utho”. That was for Mahesh Bhai. Those who know Mahesh Bhai & have shared a room with him surely would know when that statement was made. I got ready in next 30 mins & had breakfast. It was time to move back my bike to the main road after an offroading of a km. I did it quite easily. The next task was to carry all the gears after walking through same off-roading. When I was walking, I saw Sawan Bhai riding through the offroading & couldn't balance on a gravel & fall down. The 2nd next bad thing that did happen was his bike handle hit Chandan`s car which he was trying to take out. Well, nothing happened to Sawan Bhai & he was safe. A day before it rained due to which few areas of that track turned in slight viscous slush which made difficult for Chandan`s duster to move ahead. With the help of other brothers, we tried pulling out the vehicle & we did it quite successfully.

There were quite a few bikes which have to be taken out , so it took quite some time. We waited on the roadside for everyone to reach. Satish Bhai by the time played” Chor aaye hum vo galiyan” & we sat on the road & started singing followed by our anthem, playing with the dog, cracking jokes, making videos etc. Soon, everyone reached. The resort owner was very helpful. He helped us bringing our saddle bags to the top in his Mahindra Thar. We Started our way back by 10:30 am morning. We reached the main highway after traveling 4-5 km & found that Sumanth had some issues with his bike. The weather was a bit cloudy. I,Satish Bhai,Mahesh Bhai,Ayanna,Nandeesh,Keerthi,Chandan & Ashish Bhai stopped. It was the issue with battery belt which was torn. Next 10-15 mins it was fixed. We were way behind our group & then we started ripping. The Chai break was planned after 90-100kms. The group was already ahead & by the time we stopped for chai, we were already late & it was 1pm. The place we stopped for chai was quite a small shop which doesn’t sell chai. Our “Hungry Bird” Satish Bhai, found that this place sells Fish Curry & rice. That was it, we dropped our plan stopping for a veg food at Kamath & stay here have this awesome fish curry & rice. We had food(2 fish fries, rice & fish sambhar, tea, cold drink)& what not. When we paid him, it was 100Rs. Per person. This was something, which pleased us a lot.

[Image: img_3513.jpg]

We started back & after a continues stretch of 100-150km, we could see Vinay Bhai riding all along. When checked with him, he said that Ashish sir took a wrong route & called him up. He waited for Ashish sir to reach the NH & luckily we also could catch him & after riding for next 30mins we could catch our group as well. Satish Bhai asked Ravi bhai & Firdouse to go ahead as they were the ride captains & find a tea point for chai break. It was quite a nostalgic feel when we went to same bunk & tea point which we chose last year also when we were returning from goa. My, Nandeesh, Ayanna & Satish Bhai was talking on the similar topic like how amazing it was last year.

[Image: 5.jpg]

It's was 7pm left with another 100-120kms where Abhilash confirmed that his bike couldn’t go above 80kmph. So, we accompanied him being at the tail & continued our ride. 9pm approximately, we reached Nelmangla toll, where we thanked each other for joining the ride & waved goodbyes. However, the ride was over but we have added another memory forever. Riding back home, I was getting the same usual feel, why I am going home. I wish such things don't have an end. Accepting the fact, I reached home & had a nice ginger tea & slept dreaming another fun loving ride. Wink
The End Smile


"Feel your heartbeat,Covering you the Miles........Lets Roar it"  Smile

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