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rohitraonSafe riding - The science and art
I happen to come across 2 amazing books on riding and rider safety. This, according to me should be considered as the holy book of every rider out there!!! The titles are (a) Proficient motorcycling and (b) Mastering the ride by David. L. Hough. He used to train personnel at Boeing and seems to have brought that safety standards into motorcycling.

An excerpt....

[Image: 6b48a45ed19ffb2b4981a37759217e04.jpg]

This is no advertisement for the book. But I feel that it will be invaluable for every rider to ride better, safer and..... yes quicker.
I was reading about the tragic crash of Veenu Paliwal. All reports suggests that she crashed while she was taking a turn. She was a biker with more than 17000 kms of riding under her belt.

Every biker faces or will face emergency situation on curves/corners. The only way to beat this, is to get a perfect cornering technique etched into "muscle memory". I happened to come across this freely available video called - "Cornering bible, twist of the wrist". I know it's a very old Video and many of us may have seen it. However, in the interest of safety of all our brethren, I thought I should share it. I have pasted the link below. This is by the legendary Keith Code who has trained innumerable super bikers. While the video deals with sports bike, the technique can be suitably adopted in street biking and touring.
Awesome Video Rohit bhai...

Very helpful and useful to improve the cornering skills.

While i accept the fact the your riding experience would help you to face emergency situations, at the same time... irrespective of the no. of years / miles of experiences... a small error/mistake/mis-judgement would take a toss of your ride...

As a fellow rider i respect her for her achievements...and would pray to god to give the strength to her family.

Again, i would say... the terrain/speed/condition of the bike or tyres...everything have a role in winning or losing in a situation.

I always tell my friends and fellow riders that irrespective of the no. of miles you ride...or years of experience... at the end of every ride there is something new which we can learn... Its just the approach which you need to see where / what you have to learn...

Ride Hard & Safe...!!!

RuLe ThE RoAd
nice share, thank you.
Very Well said

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I will talk from RE perspective since we are predominantly an RE riding clubs. Talking about cornering skill wont be that much applicable to us as RE is not meant for cornering all due to its weight and ergonomics. Yet on steep turn i will only advise is to calm down (do not overreact after watching your fellow rider doing some tricky cornering), honk, downshift the gear, pull throttle up slowly and ride between 2 and 3 feets from the edge.

Cheers ~ Sajeesh

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