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IBR Jaipur - MTR @ Bisalpur - GAZI - 09-07-2016

Sometimes it happens to us that things do not work out the way we plan about it. Similar thing happened with us as well after our last ride to Khatu Shyam wherein we planned to do a ride to Bisalpur dam.
Everyone was excited for the Bisalpur ride and we were discussing about the same for whole 2 weeks on our WhatsApp group. 2 days before the ride we took the count of riders who were coming and we were happy to see 8 riders from Jaipur & 1 from Bhilwara. But the numbers went down to 5 one day before the ride, this was embarrassing though but did not kill our excitement to do the ride. We were convincing riders to join in while some had their personal reasons who could not make it that day.

On 4th Sept morning, all 5 gathered at the meeting point. Below is the pic of riders who made it to the meeting point on time.

[Image: 1_0.jpg]

Naresh (in Black Jacket) was checking with Pulkit to join in, who was running late to arrive at the meeting point. By the time he came we were running late already by 45 minutes and had to start at 0645 Hrs. Luckily he also brought company of 2 friends who were interested to ride along with us after which our count was again at 8 from Jaipur, Vohoo..

Below is the pic of all riders at starting point (I was taking the Pic J)

[Image: 2_1.jpg]

With that said, we started out ride to Bisalpur with a positive feel since we were very excited to experience the morning weather along with beautiful landscape through the journey. Mother Nature was happy throughout the route until we reached TodaraiSingh, from where we could feel the heat

[Image: 3_0.jpg]

Most of the pictures are of the roads wherein you could see curves and bends that makes you feel to enjoy the awesome scene

[Image: 4_0.jpg]

We were riding in such a formation that you could not miss the turns while appreciate the view, beautiful it was throughout the route

[Image: 4-.jpg]

Here is another one..

[Image: 5_0.jpg]

After crossing many curves we were nearing Phagi and before the place the SPOT in the below pics caught our attention. This was a beautiful lake with a nice view. We stopped there, started taking pics while admiring the beautiful scene & surroundings

[Image: 6_0.jpg]

The pic of the lake which was breathtaking in the start of the day wherein we could imagine the scene that would be at the dam

[Image: 7_0.jpg]

This is a random pic that I clicked just to capture the view

[Image: 8_0.jpg]

How could anyone miss taking a SELFIEEAA in such an awesome spot, so did I except that I had the helmet on.. Just see the scene behind.. so refreshing it was

[Image: 8-.jpg]

After 10 minutes of stop we started again to enjoy the exciting ride we started. We were now in the mid of the route and you will only see roads of small villages we were bypassing.. Enjoy the pics

[Image: 9_0.jpg]
[Image: 10_0.jpg]
[Image: 11_0.jpg]

Thats how we were riding, I was leading the route at that point since I was busy riding & doing photography. The road was traffic free and the following pic was after we crossed a broken road with water upto 1 feet. Hanish did not want to get wet who was pillion was Rohit. He got down from the bike, removed his shoes and walked through the water..

[Image: 11-.jpg]

After couple of kilometers we saw that the road was getting bumpy and muddy, while it was broken at many points. The whole streach of 20 kms was broken and the ride throughout that road was very bumpy. We also saw a pick up tempo which was struck in the pot hole with lot of load. The driver asked for help..

[Image: 12_0.jpg]

All the riders parked the bulls on the side of the road and helped the them. The driver was on the steering while we were pushing the truck from behind and in no matter of time it was out. The driver was overwhelmed with the help and said "HUM KOI SEVA BHI NAHI KAR SAKTE, AISI JAGAH PHASE H". We said it was fine and we started out ride again. That 20 kms stretch took away all the patience we had but we had to cross it and so did we...

[Image: 13_0.jpg]

Finally we were back on good road again and continued our ride

[Image: 14_0.jpg]

At around 0900 Hrs we reached this shop at TodaraiSingh and we took a small break for 15 minutes for some chai pani. Since Pulkit was late, he was sponsored for this expense. We had to take a stop here since we were frustrated with the bad road and there are no shops in between until Bisalpur. We had a good Samosa Khadi with Sweet Chuttni and then started again for the last 20 kms.

[Image: 14-.jpg]

The last 20 kms were so beautiful, lush greenery on both sides of the road and riding in between mountains.. though it was horizontal stretch and not vertical

[Image: 15_0.jpg]
[Image: 16_0.jpg]

The following pic says the dam's foundation stone was laid on 20 Jan 1985. It has details of who did the same as well, some history there

[Image: 17_0.jpg]

Thats IBR riders along with 2 friends of Pulkit, I am missing here since I was taking the Pic Smile

[Image: 18_0.jpg]

Now thats some nice pose for a pic, right

We are missing the sync, but we tried to do a pose from some movie the name of which I dont remember.. guess it was Dil Chahta h.. just that we are standing Smile

[Image: 20_0.jpg]

This is the reason we came to Bisalpur. The view is so breathtaking no one could miss it

[Image: 22_0.jpg]

Thats Pulkit, trying to figure out the deepness of the dam.. guess he did not think of taking a dip in it.. with others crossing him.. It was an amazing pic as well with water

[Image: 23_0.jpg]

2 gates were open for the dam to lower the water level and we not miss to take a pic of it.. see below
The water flow was so enormous that any person falling in it would not be seen.. Fishes were jumping out because of the flow..

[Image: 24_0.jpg]
[Image: 25_0.jpg]

The below pic has a water boat in it.. since the pic is zoomed in it may not be clear.. but we did not want to risk our life for a ride in it.. so just clicked a random pic..

[Image: 27_0.jpg]

Thats me, Hanish & Mahesh in the pic below.. just like that.. Selfieeaa
We were waiting for our Bhilwara Rider.. Mr.Sunil John (Maat Saab) who was riding from Bhilwara to meet us. We tried contacting him on whatsapp & call but no response so we moved for return journey

[Image: 28_0.jpg]

After the pics and sight seeing we were back to our bulls and preparing for return journey. Our Bulls are parked on the banks of the dam.. Naresh taking a pic of Rohit in the military helmet..

[Image: 29_0.jpg]

Thats me clicking pic of Naresh taking pic of Rohit in Military Helmet.. Smile

[Image: 30_0.jpg]

Ready for return journey..

[Image: 31.jpg]

Thats our leads for the return journey, Pulkit & Naresh.. discussing on choosing which route back home..
But as you know the route was pre-decided.. so just shhhhh....

[Image: 32.jpg]

While we riding I got a call from Maat Saab (Sunil) that he is at Dam and waiting for us. I told him we already left and headed to Highway. He said he could meet us at Deoli. We were waiting for him at the junction for tonk & deoli. We could see him riding fast to meet us and on time he arrived at the intersection. See the pic

[Image: 33.jpg]

We greeted, hugged each other and took pics. He was happy & we were happy too that Finally we met him since we were interacting only on Whatsapp.. after that bid bye and left for Jaipur and he for Bhilwara.. Thanks to Maat Saab friend who took the above pic for us

[Image: 33-.jpg]

Pic from Highway to Jaipur..

[Image: 34.jpg]

We were riding for almost 50 kms, without a break. So took a break for 10 min at a place 10 kms before Niwai on Highway.. See our bulls parked outside the shop

[Image: 36.jpg]

We had tea, cold drinks & some namkeen. We took some pics too.

[Image: 37.jpg]

Few older people asked to take a pic with them.. we said we will take.. while one of the oldy said "Hamare Sath Bhi Lelo photu, Phir hum bhi Mar Jayenge" he was being sarcastic but true.. we tool couple of pics and started from there again.. Oldy said to visit a temple in the next town on hills.. we were running late so we overlooked and kept riding..

[Image: 38.jpg]

Scene from Highway

[Image: thumbhd_38-.jpg]

Finally at 2 pm we reached at Pratap Plaza, Pratap Nagar. Too some pics and ofcourse SELFIEEAA.. then bid bye and left for our homes.. Following pic has the same riders who came on time for the Ride and left together after the ride..
[Image: 39.jpg]

Last but not the least the IBR Jaipur Chapter pic of the Ride..

[Image: 40.jpg]

Until next ride
Hail IBR..