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Full Version: Fallen but not forgotten
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Days, weeks, months passed by.... N now 2 years have gone by...

Life, they say, goes on... Yes it does... We learn to move on, we learn to live our lives with the voids created, we learn to hide that pain somewhere deep and move on with life... But one thing that doesn't move on is the memories!

Raman & Avi, 2 years have passed since that unfortunate tragedy... A day which took away 2 of our family members...

We won't mourn,we won't cry because that's not what they would have wanted us to do.. Instead we would celebrate their lives. We will celebrate the happy memories we shared with them. We will spread some happiness in the society because I'm sure, all they would have wanted would be to spread some happiness to the less unfortunate...

We are very sure, they would be really happy to see how our family has grown, how the chapter they had formed is gonna be celebrating its 6th anniversary soon...We just wish you were here to celebrate this happiness with us...We miss you guys..!

In the fond memory of Raman and Avi, we wanted to celebrate their lives by doing what they loved doing, giving back to the society..!!

So on the occasion of their 2nd remembrance day, we would be doing a community service ride on 25th March 2018 in association with the Social Impactor Forum and cook meal for 1000 homeless and needy people in Bangalore and distribute it in the streets at night.

We are looking for monetary support for buying supplies and volunteer to help with cooking, packing food and distribution. This will be a whole day event but the work would be divided in batches. More details to follow soon...

I, on behalf of India Bull Riders, would like to invite you all for this good cause and spread some happiness to the less fortunate in remembrance of our brothers!

Please make your contributions to the below account:

Name- Satish Mohapatra
Account No. - 036001525200
Ifsc- icic0000360
Branch- Electronic city

NOTE: Please mention your name in the transaction remarks!

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