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Full Version: IBR Bengaluru - Women's day Celebration with Bikerni Bengaluru
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Women's day Celebration with Bikerni Bengaluru

Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity
- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 

Greetings from Bikerni: Bengaluru chapter!!

Bikerni Bengaluru Chapter cordially invites ALL MALE AND FEMALE Riders in your club to be a part of "The Bikerni, Within". Please grace us with your presence with your family, friends and loved ones.

Woman's day is very close to our heart as the day depicts our strength and unity. We are ready to ride together yet again, to acknowledge and thank all the fellow Female Riders and The Clubs that encourage us all to be the riders we are, in a day long fun filled event with eye candy machines and riding activities to bring out 'The Bikerni, Within'.  Fun, goodies and breakfast is on us. 

Find the event details below:

Event Name: The Bikerni, Within
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2018
Time: 6:30am - 4:00pm

Event Type: Short ride and activities

Registration free:  Rs. 200 per person (age no bar)

Registration Link:-

Join us in celebrating womanhood with your family, friends and loved ones by registering through the above link Smile

The day starts with a rally with all the clubs, lead by Urvashi, founder of the Bikerni and other members of the Bikerni. On reaching destination, yummy delicious breakfast awaits to all who have registered. 

After that we have the club interactions and parallel activities happening in the venue  including,

- Honoring the accomplished women in the riding field
- Test rides of newly launched super bikes by various companies
- Multiple track events like offroading, dirt race etc.,
- Stalls to checkout cool merchandise!! 
- And don't forget, there is nothing like the company of world class Bikernis??

Last but not the least, we have interesting goodies for the ppl registered, to cherish the day...??

To know rest of the day's gala, join us on the 11th and check it out ??
Any update on the location details for the people who have registered?

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I have registered for the event.

Just now got an update Via email:

Ride Details :

Ride Date : 11th March, 2018 (Sunday)
Ride muster-up : 6:00am
Ride Distance from flag off : 40 kms
Starting point : Nice Road Exit toll (under the electronic city flyover from silkboard)
Ride route : Nice road exit toll to kanakpura road toll till Bon-Fire resort
Destination : Bon-Fire Resort
Destination Map:

Agenda :

Muster-up : 6:00am
Flag off : 6:30am
Registration : 8:30am
Breakfast : 9:00am
Felicitation program : 10:00am
Activities: : 12 noon

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