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Bahilog and Behenlog on the group,

Apologies for posting our Coast 2 Coast ride detail this late,

This ride was announced few months back however I could not post details until today.

6 of us are riding from Bangalore to Pondicherry with additional pit stops and left turns Wink

Our aim is to stay close to coast in this ride and avoid highways as much as possible, 

Everyone is welcome to join us in Pondicherry on 31st December for cheap liquor and free hugs Smile

Dates : 23rd December to 1st January (10 Days)

Route Map

Kms to Cover 2,232



the artwork is courtesy our tall bearded camera wala baba, Ayanna 

Wish us luck and hope to see you on the road, if we are on the same route Wink

we are amenable to suggestion on places to visit on this route, so do drop us a note if you have something in mind.


All the BEST
(12-08-2017, 10:33 PM)KarKoDaKan Wrote: [ -> ]All the BEST

Super plan. Loved this route always. Happy riding guys.

Godspeed .
lovely route.
god speed.
ride hard.

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Kya baat hain !!! C2C !
Wow nice plan I'm planning this route so many years but not getting time . All de best ride safe brothers

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Awesome plan Manish..

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Thank you Bhailog,

Phani, chal join kar le phir,

I heard you have lot of time these days

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Good Going bhailog...

Ride Safe and Godspeed...

Cheers !!!
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