What is MTR - Morning Thump Raga

MTR is a 1-day breakfast-cum-lunch ride that is organized by each chapter at least once in 2 months. Below are some important points about MTR:

This ride is open to all ranks. A good opportunity for new members to ride with IBR.

  1. There is no max cap of participants.
  2. The ride usually starts in the early morning and ends in the evening.
  3. The ride usually ranges between 100-200 km.
  4. This is a self-sponsored ride
  5. Keep checking IBR events for more updates about these rides

Things to remember:

  1. Mandatory gears– No rider will be allowed to join this ride without the below-listed gears
    1. Full face helmet
    2. Riding pants, jeans, or cargos. No shorts, 3/4ths, track pants, etc.
    3. Shoes and boots. No slippers, sandals, floaters, crocs….
  2. Recommended by not mandatory gears –
    1. Riding Armour jacket
    2. Elbow and Knee Guard
    3. Armour gloves
    4. Riding shoes

Usually, the Ride captain asks for initial booting of money for breakfast & lunch. If you have issues with booting, please inform the ride captain/chapter mod in advance.