What is Megadventure?

Megadventure was the caption-name of IBR’s maiden Leh-Ladakh ride in June 2009. Since then, all long group rides in IBR have been named accordingly. However, it is important to know what qualifies for a long ride to be tagged as Megadventure:

  1. The ride should be for 10 days or more
  2. The majority of the riders should be recognized, regular and active members. A multi-chapter composition is allowed
  3. The riding kilometres should be a minimum of 1500
  4. The ride itinerary and discussion should be posted on the IBR Facebook group or page at least 1 month before the ride start date
  5. The ride should have strict criteria for member selection. The ride captain retains this decision
  6. Open to only regular IBR members who are regular on meets