What is Planning Commission?

The Planning Commission consists of:

  1. Founding members of IBRMC
  2. Club President
  3. Current Chapter Mods
  4. Ex-Chapter Mods

Who are Chapter Mods?

Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities

  1. Coordinates (or delegate rights)all events and rides for a specific chapter
  2. Maintain Chapter specific events
  3. Facilitate weekly / periodic meets
  4. The main point of contact for IBR Merchandises
  5. Recommends existing members for next IBR Ranks
  6. Have a final saying during conflict resolution
  7. Participate actively in the membership cancellation process
  8. Administer chapter-specific Facebook and WhatsApp groups
  9. Become part of the IBR Core Planning Commission WhatsApp group

Selection process and appointment

  1. For established chapters, the minimum tenure should be at least 1 year with IBR (registration date is considered). For a newly formed chapter, the selection is done by Planning Commission members
  2. Should be an IBRO at least. Exceptions to be reviewed joined by Core Committee
  3. Appointed as Chapter mods during the Bulletiapa event
  4. The recommendation should come from the current chapter heads. However, there should be a collective discussion with senior members before a decision is made

Expulsion / Removal of Chapter Head

  • The decision will be made by Planning Commission members in consultation with Core Committee members of the chapter
  • Will be replaced with another senior member as active Chapter Mod until the official appointment
  • Will lose all rights of Chapter Mod