IBRMC patches


Only regular & active members who have been with IBRMC for more than 3 years and above qualify for Leather vest. Chapter mods consult with the planning commission members.

All exceptions will be handled by Chapter Mods and Planning Commission members.

Rules pertaining to usage of IBR patches

  1. The front pocket patch should be stitched on the left chest
  2. The back will have 3 patterns
    1. INDIABULLRIDERS or IBRMC patch on top (around the shoulder)
    2. The big IBR logo patch in the middle
    3. Chapter Name patch at the bottom
  3. The patches can be stitched only on the below wearable:
    1. Leather vests – Black or dark brown
    2. Black-collared T-shirt or shirt
    3. Black round t-shirt
    4. Saddlebags (only backside 3 patters)
    5. Riding jacket

Failing to comply with this rule may lead to strict action and/or membership expulsion