Chapter Runner

Chapter Runner is an internal IBRMC riding event, strictly meant for IBR members only. Under this, a contender (also known as chapter runner) will have to cover all IBR recognized chapters in a span of 1 year.​

The Format
  • This ride is only for registered IBR members
  • Discuss the plan with your local chapter moderator beforehand
  • Register as a contender of Chapter Runner only when you have a planned start date
  • Once registered, you need to complete the chapter run circle within 1 year from the planned start date. That means, in case you have registered with a start date of 1st January 2020, you should cover all recognized chapters before 31st December 2020
  • The contender is supposed to meet the Chapter Moderator or member of the planning commission or an elected representative (in case Chapter Mod(s) or planning commission members are not available)
  • Contender should capture a picture with Chapter mod/representative since this need to be shared during final confirmation submission
Rules and Regulations
  • The ride should be done by only active and recognized IBR members. Hence, it is imperative to get approval from your local Chapter Mod
  • Ride plan should be discussed with the region’s chapter head or planning commission member in advance (before registering)
  • Registering as the contender is mandatory
  • The ride should be done only on IBRMC allowed motorcycle. During unforeseen situations, if you do not have any other option other than resorting to another bike (during the actual ride), it should be informed to the Chapter Mod and IBR admin team. Prior approval is a must
  • The ride should be done within a span of 1 year from the registered start date.
  • Refer to the list of chapters included for a specific window. These chapters should be covered
  • Covering a chapter during an official ride, event, Bulletiapa, Megadventure, etc. are allowed

Upon successful completion of the Chapter Runner ride, you will receive a special award package from IBR Admin team. A special felicitation session will be organized during Bulletiapa.

Members who have completed Chapter Runner so far
No. Rider Name Year Chapter
1 Akram Khan 2017 Hyderabad
2 Sandeep Yadav 2017 Delhi NCR
3 Saai Prasan 2017 Hyderabad
4 Gajendra Singh 2018 Jaipur
5 Sudhir Nanjappa 2018 Bangalore
6 Ajas Anjillath 2018 Bangalore
7 Vaibhav Yadav 2018 Delhi NCR
8 Raunaq Singh 2018 Delhi NCR
9 Renniesh Philip 2018 Bangalore
10 Jatin Gandhi 2018 Jaipur
11 Lee Nolan 2018 Delhi NCR
12 Koppira Darshan Ayanna 2018 Bangalore
13 Amit Satsangi 2018 Hyderabad
14 Mahesh Kemkar 2018 Bangalore