Riding Protocol

Authored by Lee Nolan

  1. Arrive at shoot point fifteen minutes before scheduled shoot time.
  2. Arrive at shoot point with a full tank of fuel.
  3. Arrive at shoot point with correct tire pressure.
  4. Dress in required riding gear (Including pillion).
  5. Maintain formation and speed as indicated by road captain (lead bike) at all times.
  6. Relay all hand signals as passed down from road captain.
  7. Rider should be fit to operate their motorcycle and not under the influence of any intoxicants.
  8. The rider behind you is your responsibility. Should you lose sight of that rider, alert the rider in front of you and then pull over.
  9. At all times, the rider should operate his motorcycle in a safe and respectful manner towards other motorists and behave in a manner representing IBR.
  10. Do not encourage or engage in any riding that you feel is above your skill set.

Formation Signals

formations diagram