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By IBRMC Posted on: 2021-03-26 33:33
Change in inevitable, change is for good….

IBR (formerly known as DBR) started as a pure Royal Enfield and Vintage classic motorcycle riders club and since its inception, has gone through multiple changes to stay as one of the best group riding clubs in the country. These changes were primarily focused on how we communicate, how one can become a member, etc., but this time, we are taking an important decision which will bring more value to our club’s thought process and vision - to become a better riding community.

One of the key aspects that was holding most of our existing members to explore more of the motorcycling and touring phenomenon was the limitation of “allowed motorcycles” within IBR. So far, we had restricted membership from Royal Enfield and Jawa motorcycles only; however, effective today, 26th March 2021, we are transitioning from a brand-following cult to a more of an adventure touring club. Following changes and guidelines will provide more insight.

Minimum cubic capacity (cc) - 350cc

Allowed Motorcycles - following categories are now allowed within IBRMC

  • Adventure Tourer
  • Sports Tourer
  • Choppers
  • General Touring
  • Cruisers

Motorcycle not allowed

  • Sports / SBK
  • Naked
  • Commuters
  • Road-illegals

In case your motorcycle make/model does not qualify for membership, the same will be intimated to you during the meet by chapter moderators.


Online membership - open to all through our Facebook page & groups and Guilded server

Regular membership - Restricted. One needs to have an IBRMC membership card to be allowed to participate in official rides and events. However, there will be a few open-invite events where a membership card is not mandatory but will be restricted to those who have attended at least one meet and they should be riding an approved motorcycle. Such cards will contain your name & membership details. Though you can retain this card throughout your membership tenure, it will remain a property of IBRMC.

Details about membership cards will be communicated by the respective chapter moderators during weekly meets. A nominal fee will be collected towards printing and distribution of the membership card. Apart from that, we do not have any other recurring or renewal fees whatsoever.