Thread Contributor: GuardianThank you AnOnYmOuS !!!
(03-10-2016, 04:17 PM)arkitek Wrote: Sahi Veere...nice and pleasant encounter! Smile

Haan bhai...

Can't forget for sure... till the time i am in this company at least... Smile

RuLe ThE RoAd
(03-10-2016, 06:57 PM)Rajiv Wrote: I had similar experience at Leh, there was a couple on TBTS and the bike was not able to start. I approached them and tried my hands on it but no luck however the guy standing said he knows me and even took my name and said he planned to join IBR after this ride. It felt great and i could see his eyes which looked relaxed nd excited seeking that now his bike would start. There were multiple emotions floating inside me, I was feeling special nd dissapointed as I was not able to start this bull. At the end, Rahul (aka Cheeru) came by and hit upon the issue. The guy with his girl felt secured and happy. Honestly this whole episode lasted for 10 mnts and i didn't ask his name. I wish he may have joined one of our chapters.

Hope so Rajiv Bhai...

By the way... aap ko dekh ke koi bhi pehchan lega...

Bhulney wala physique hai kya aapka... Smile

RuLe ThE RoAd
(03-11-2016, 12:40 PM)Sajeesh Wrote: You know what ... few days back while returning from office, my petrol tank got empty and I was literally stranded at a place where the next petrol pump was almost 2-3 kms away. I decided to push it to the pump, but my wife dared to volunteer and took an auto rikshaw with an empty bottle. It is nearly impossible to get loose petrol in Mumbai anymore even if you give the best of the reasons. Few minutes later I saw my wife coming back in the same auto with empty bottle; yet she had that strange smile on her face that still leaves some hope!

Few seconds later, I saw 2 guys on a pulsar stopped besides me offering help.  Flashback - my wife had to plead in front of the pump manager yet he didn't budge. A couple of guys who had come for some work at the pump agreed to help. 

Within seconds, one of the guys pulled out the fuel pipe and start filling the bottle.  He took out almost 750ml and gave it to me. Then comes to real story .... I offered him money but he disagreed to accept with a wide smile on his face. I forced him to take it, yet he was all ready to set-off. I had to forcibly put the money in his pocket.

There are a few unsung and anonymous heros.... they just do it .... unconditionally.

Really Chief...

This was one of the best experience i am having after joining IBR...


RuLe ThE RoAd
Clearly we are been watched by these anonymous through our IBR website. Feel like a celebrity, ain't it! But I still feel this community would always offer a lending hand to another brother coz our passion and love for the motorcycle is the same.
(03-12-2016, 09:42 AM)Jaison Thomas Wrote: Clearly we are been watched by these anonymous through our IBR website. Feel like a celebrity, ain't it! But I still feel this community would always offer a lending hand to another brother coz our passion and love for the motorcycle is the same.

True That... Jaison Bhai...!!!

While i feel that, we discuss a lot of things on Rides...Rides... Rides... and Rides...

lot of people visit our website... and of course the K T...

I feel, there should be much more participation from our other brothers so that the purpose for our PASSION is served...

Yes... as you said... felt like a celebrity lot of times...

RuLe ThE RoAd
WOW...!! I can feel the goose bumps now..

Something similar happened with me. It was my first inter city ride, Jamshedpur to Ranchi. I had appeared 10+2 exam and was waiting for the results, month of march. I had my first bike TVS Star friends used to call it junior pulsar as the head light was round and big and even the tank was huge.

It just happened that I went to meet a friend casually after breakfast, morning around 10 a.m. That's what my usual routine used to be have breakfast and then roam around in the cities on my bike with no specific reason, explore new places, taking my bike through tough roads.

We just casually decided, let go to Ranchi.. then and there we made a plan..
mileage: 65-70 we though highway would be atleast 80kmph.. worst case still 65kmph..
Distance: to & fro 350 kms,
fuel price that time was: 50/litre

We calculated the buget was max of Rs 300. buffer we had 200 in our pocket. Initial tank filling was for Rs 200..

There started the journey.. by the way I was wearing helmet.. Smile My friend didn't.

As a first timers, only thing in our mind was safety.. me being a rider who wants to test his bike.. i wanted to see the max. speed of my bike.. I bike took up to 90 kmph.. I tried hard but it was not touching 100kmph.. Anyways.. we continued our journey at that speed as i was comfortable and the roads were clear...

After around 80-90 km, our bike started slowing down... we were at ghat roads...the bike was not able to pull up.. we tried hard..raced up.. NOOO... it went off...
being a new bee..we were that moment we had no clue..what could have happened... the route was a maoist area..we heard stories about them.... Bike turned OFF.. After 5-10 mins we started it again..and YES it did start..I realized the engine might got heated up..because of riding it at 90 kmph continuously.. It was a 100 CC bike..

We started again and this time we maintained 60 kmph... and guess what bike turned off after 15 mins... we wondered what NOW.. something amazing happened... EMPTY TANK.,. we were a lonely place human animals..just a couple of trees with shade.. We realized later after retuning from tthe trip.. calculated Bike gave an average of 40 Km/litre at the speed of 90 kmph..

With no other GPS at that time.. first time on highway..without the information of our parents we were lost in some unknown place away from hometown in moaist area... we started dragging the bike.. finally after few meters we a dhabha..we felt a little peace..parked our bike..had tea..

Something freaky happened..the villagers started gathering around us..and I smelled a bad situation..probably now we would be looted.. they would have then realized the guys in jeans and Tees, are teens from city. Boss.. my pulse raised.. i started praying..and trying to be strong and show boldness...
By the villager in a Hero honda CD100ss came..dont know if he is from the same village or different.. I quickly asked him for some fuel..He denied and said.."No I can't.. Bhaiya..hamare paas hi nahi hai..abhi door jana hai.." I offered him money and said "Bhaiya thoda sa bas thoda sa" . I convinced him to give me fuel in a tea glass (generally the small tea glass which u find in Indian dhabas) and I paid him Rs 20. He gave me fuel..that too cutting (half glass). Honestly.. I just wanted to go away from that palace some how...I poured the petrol..started the bike..and went ahead..thanks to the Man..and my beloved bike..gave my a ride of 4 kms with that half glass fuel.. I finally found Bharat petroleum..filled my tank with another 300 bucks...

Amazing experience.. we came back home happily by evening ..maintaining a speed of 50kmph-60 kmph.. Mileage unbelievable : 95kmph

From there on...I understood the relation between speed and mileage.
Speed is inversely proportional to mileage.
Rakesh Kumar Rauth

A Ride for LiFe..!
Nice Experience Rakesh...

Need to do the same way to other bikers when they need any help !!!

Happy & Safe Riding...

RuLe ThE RoAd

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