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Thread Contributor: SajeeshIBRMC Calendar 2015-16 photo competition
It was year 2010 when IBR's first desk calendar was made. Sujeet from Udaipur chapter got the second edition done in 2012-13. Since then we hadn't got a chance to keep it as a recurring merchandize. Sujeet sparked off the calendar discussion again amongst the core committee team and it took a while for me to settle down a few things before moving ahead with the plan.

So, the calendar will start with the month following the actual production month. It will have 12 leafs each showcasing the top 12 pics clicked by IBR members.

That being said, a Photo Contest has been initiated on IBR forum. There are no prizes are such but the only appreciation is to see your best of the pic on IBRMC calendar.  We will also put a watermark at the bottom of the pic to give credit to the photographer.

Click the below link to access IBR forum gallery and upload your pics under category - "2015-16 Calendar Competition"


 - One need to click "Add a picture" link.
 - Max width of the pic should not exceed 1400px and height 1000px
 - Max image size should be less than 2MB
 - All images will be held for moderation before approving. Until then the image will not appear in the gallery.

Contest closing date -18th April 2015

After that, all images will be posted on IBR facebook page where final voting will be done. The selection criteria will be based on number of likes followed by comments (in case of tie)
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
Wow...Really nice...
this is very nice initiative.............
Chief good going
But I think there is a mistake in closing date it says 18 of march 2015
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(04-05-2015, 12:55 AM)Hemant Khurana Wrote: But I think there is a mistake in closing date it says 18 of march 2015

Thanks ...corrected.
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
Till date only 6 pics... some of them are toooooo awesome..

Please post some more pics...
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
Will be uploading few pics from hyderabad chapter shortly...
Road never ends
Mile covered is a mile pending.....Smile

Posted a couple of them. Awaiting approval.

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Live fast and die young
Around 9 images approved 2 minutes back. We need more. I see the experts are yet to contribute their beautiful captures.
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
I never thought of taking pictures while riding. I haven't done much riding either. So from whatever little shots I have got, I have selected few and posted. I believe many might be having breathtaking shots which they haven't shared so far. Sameer, Shadhab and few others
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