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Thread Contributor: SajeeshWebsite upgrade - October 2014 version 1
With the latest forum software update following features have been included:

 - now there are only two ways to have profile picture. Either upload one by visiting UserCP section or visit, create an account with the same email address used on this site, and upload a picture there which will automatically show it on ibr website. Gravatar is a very good source of attaching a profile pic with an email address. Many sites have this feature.

- Real name and location will appear in postbit as well so that users can recognize another user who has a login name not in sync with their real name. That being said please visit UserCP amd update both this information as soon as possible.

- Faster than previous version

What we have lost?

- Quick.way to access latest discussion. The plugin was old and is not supported on the new software version. In interim click view new posts to access all latest discussions.
Cheers ~ Sajeesh

This upgrade looks clean and neat.... though some features are lost... It looks good.

RuLe ThE RoAd
Hello Chief,
I do see the access to the latest discussions link.

It is on the right side under the search bar. I guess that's the one you are referring to. Right?

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I ride, 'til the lands die into the waters unknown.
Awesome chief...
Better to see a place once than to hear about it a thousand times.
(10-29-2014, 09:26 AM)hravicha Wrote: It is on the right side under the search bar. I guess that's the one you are referring to. Right?

Yes. It is called "View New Posts". You can also used "View Today's Posts" option
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
I think Chief, most of the people have to update their credentials to reflect the information on the right hand pane. For ex: The real name of Anil and the city is not reflecting.

But overall, looks better than the previous.

Thank you Chief.
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