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IBR members promotion announcement
Thanks Chief, Robbie, Rohit sir and all others for your love and trust in me. I am sure all of us together will make IBR the best biking club in India and beyond.
Robbie - I agree with you. This is no promotion..... its more reponsibility.
I hope and pray that I live upto all your expectations.
Rajnish sir - it surely calls for a celebration......
Sammy - what can I say bro.... you're the man.
Subhanshu - I dont know you that well, but I am guessing you're pretty good. congo bro!
Shut up and RIDE!!
Congrats Abid , Sammy and Subhanshu
Congrats, another party Abid confirm u all 3 are giving one grand party or individually..
Life tastes better when you do what you believe in...<br />---------------------------------------------------------------------<br />Amit Vyas<br />Don't Worry Be Happy!!!
Grand party will be good..... Smile
Cheers!<br />---------------------------------------------------<br />Born to ride forced to work!
Thanx Chief for having the faith in me to carry the extra responsibility !!!

@Sahil : Surely a toast is well deserved...still waiting for u to show up at Mumbai !!!

Congrats to Abid and Sammy.....
You are still a virgin, if you never been Leh'd !!
Quote:Subhanshu wrote:
@Sahil : Surely a toast is well deserved...still waiting for u to show up at Mumbai !!!

Now I have a good reason to be there..Wink
will let you know....before hand once i have the plan ... but it will be in the end this year only...
Cheers!<br />---------------------------------------------------<br />Born to ride forced to work!
Congrats brothers..............u guys have really prove yourself.
my heart felt congrats to all 3 of my brothers.. love u guys. well deserved.
Awesome Job guys and Congrats for this well deserved promotion/xtra responsibility.

Looking forward for a Grand Celebration
Super guys... Kindly transfer some funds into my account so that me and Kaustabh can party in parallel here Smile
RD - Royal Devil

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