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Thread Contributor: saiprasanCompleted Saai Prasan Kumar K - Hyderabad - 08/05/2017
Here's my journal of IBR Chapter Run

My name - Saai Prasan Kumar K
I belong to - Hyderabad chapter at the time of this post
I am planning to start my chapter run on 08/05/2017 and have a full 1 year to complete it. 

Here's my plan....

Completed chapter Run including Leh and Ladakh in a single stretch along with Akram Khan. 

Start Date of Chapter Run: 5th August
End Date of Chapter Run: 16th August

End Date of entire ride: 4th September

Chapters Covered:
1) Hyderabad
2) Chennai
3) Bangalore
4) Pune
5) Mumbai
6) Udaipur
7) Jaipur
8) Delhi
GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
**Chapter run ride for Sai approved**
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
Sai completed Chapter run 2017 before Bulletiapa Hy5. This thread is for records only.

Please share your journey and pics here.
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
Thanks Chief will update the post with all the proofs we have and along with our sweet experience with each chapter
GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
Apologies for the late post, I will touch up major events during our ride in the post

I had a gap to join my next company, so took a break of to do a ride I always dream. Started planning for Leh Ladakh and getting bikes ready on Aug 1st

Supposed to Start to Ladakh on 12th of Aug but met Vijay bhai and Big Phi on 2nd of Aug. Vijay bhai is the culprit to change my plans from leh ladakh to chapter run along with Leh ladakh.

So we had no time to prepare, started in a rush on Aug 5th

Day 1 Aug 5th:

Started the Ride, Hyderabad Guys came to see us. Flag off done

Covered good distance, while we had around 120kms to Chennai somewhere near Nellore Rahul took a hit and we had no other option rather than admitting him in hospital. Sadly after all the fuss had to take him back to Hyderabad. The guy in the photo is a gem Samsher who helped us a lot in Rahul's accident at the hospital

Day 2 Aug 6th:
Handed over to his parents, Veera bhai, anil bhai, vijju anna were too supportive. Came along to Rahul's house and made ourselves comfortable. 

Rahul wanted us to continue the ride, so requested chap heads and founders for permission. Meanwhile in all the fuss happened yesterday I lost my jacked.

After getting permission on the ride, we had to take a bus back to the hospital as our bikes were parked over there. Stayed in Teja bhai room untill the bus time. Awesome chicken by Teja anna, thanks to him never had such food until we reached Hyderabad back after 30 days. Boarded the bus and slept for the day

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GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
Day 3 Aug 7th 

Reached Nellore by bus where the bikes were parked in the hospital by 4AM. Nice time to start the ride. All geared up, prayed to God and kicked off from the hospital at 4AM. Plan was to meet Chennai chapter to move ahead towards Bangalore today

Reached Chennai in no time, had breakfast at Sarvana Bhavan Anna Nagar. Venkat bhai came over to meet and sign the Invitation of Bulletiapa for us. Thomas was also supposed to come but he couldn't make it.

Started towards Bangalore after breakfast, reached by evening. Dummu bhai was waiting for us at the toll, navigated us to the meeting point.

Got to stay at Rajan bhai's place, evening we drove to a nearby restaurant met few more guys from BLR chapter and had fun for the day.

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GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
Day 4 Aug 8th

Plan was to reach Pune

Shobith bhai came in the morning to leave us until the Pune highway. Stopped for breakfast at CCD in between, boring highway. No shops in between. Near afternoon I was down with fever. Was not able to drive and was sleeping for each break. Found a dhaba in between and stayed there for the night.

Evening Akram also was down with fever so thought we will have a rest day over here.

Day 5 Aug 9th

Fever + Sleep = No activity for the day

Day 6 Aug 10th

Got a call from PJ that he will be leaving to Mumbai, so had no other option rather than start with weakness. Fever was in control but we were still weak to drive. Managed to hit Pune by evening. We were already weak and with fever, waited for PJ bhai for 2 hours   Big Grin Angry

Shubangi came with a cake, sweet gesture from Pune chapter 

Met the guys over the place and stayed in my friend Lalit's room for the night

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GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
Day 7 Aug 11th

Akram's bike wouldn't start and we had to tow it until the nearest service center. Battery is dead. He got a new battery but after that there was Crank issue.

The guy said it wont make it to Ladakh, Zaheer bhai told us to come over to Mumbai and he will get it done locally. So asked him to fill engine oil and started towards Mumbai.

Crossed Lonavala and reached Mumbai by evening. As usual, Pratik bhai from Mumbai came to pick us up. Stayed at his place for the night. Chill out at nearby restaurant and rest for the day.

Day 8 Aug 12th

Mumbai chapter had a weekend ride, so went to the meeting point and it was raining cats and dogs. Met Zaheer bhai and the guys flagged them off. Joy dada came for us to get Akram's bike repaired. Thanks to Father who arranged all the things from Mumbai chapter. As they are already late, no time for photos.

Got his crank issue repaired by evening around 3pm. Thanks to Joy dada's Nimbu mirchi tied to our bikes, rest of the journey was a bit smooth.

I cancelled my Shiridi trip along with parents due to this ride, so thought because of cancelling all these consequences. So I asked Akram if we can do Shiridi and he was ready for it. Saw a leopard between Gooty and Shiridi, got freaked out. Finally reached Shiridi. As its a long weekend, no accommodation. Found one by midnight and slept for the day.

Day 9 Aug 13th 

My parents arrived, went to meet them. Took the special darshan as we have to ride. Completed the darshan morning with parents and started the ride towards Gujarat. Good ride via Ghats (Dont know the place name) and finally reached vadodara. Stayed on a highway dhaba, Rest for the day.

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GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
Day 10 Aug 14th

Started from Vadodra to meet Udaipur chapter. Met Shailesh bhai near his office and he arranged accommodation for us at Ravi Son's place.

Cool backpacking place to be in. Evening met the most friendliest guys from Udaipur chapter and rest for the day.

Day 11 Aug 15th

Did Independence day Ride with them as they are heading towards the same side. Akram had to do Ajmer once again with me  Big Grin Cool Successfully covered Ajmer and reached Jaipur by afternoon. Dry day, but Gazi bhai managed somehow. Few chit chats with Nithin and Akki bhai. Stayed in the same place where we stayed for Bulletiapa. Nice guest house.

Rest for the day

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GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan
Day 12 Aug 16th

Changed my rear tyre for the upcoming journey to the mountains. Started towards Delhi from Jaipur

In between my tank started to leak, found a Service center nearby and got it repaired. Thought of skipping Delhi traffic but lost 3 hours over here.

Finally reached Gurgaon, where Mangi came to meet us. He helped us with Google maps location where to reach.

Aabid bhai was waiting for us at the point, we stayed in shainoj's place. Raman joined a bit late, spent the evening well.

This ends the Chapter Run over here! From tomorrow we are heading towards Ladakh, let me know if someone wants me to post that as well.  Big Grin Smile

Attaching a Video link for the proof as well along with few photos

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GodSpeed Big Grin

Sai Prasan

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