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Thread Contributor: chris1951Bike service book
Hi Bro,s
I have to apologise to all those of you who ordered and paid for my book 'Servicing your Royal Enfield'.
By now it was supposed to be completed and in your hands.

Since Hyderabad, which was great, Kris has been quite unwell with a very nasty lung infection. She is now recovering from her stay in the hospital and her lungs are clearing.
Since we came home I haven't been able to work on the book so I am now about a month behind.

The good news is I have begun again and expect to be finished before Christmas.
I'm sure you understand this delay.

Keep it shiny side up
[attachment=2112][attachment=2112][attachment=2113][attachment=2113][attachment=2114]UPDATE ON SERVICE GUIDE.
Thank you all for your understanding. The guide is now being proofread and will be available after this weekend. All those who have paid will be emailed a download link.
I was intending to send it on data pens but all I can find in the small size I need are cheap nasty Chinese things. By sending it as a download the cost of the drive can also go to buying blankets.

Thanks chis

Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
Cheers ~ Sajeesh

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