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Thread Contributor: Hirak. MazumderRide for Brotherhood - IBRMC Kolkata Pre Formation Ride
Hello Bothers,

Me and Pranjal had an internal discussion and seeing the enthusiasm for this ride, we decided to make it an official ride. We will call this as "Ride for Brotherhood" and it truly holds to its name. The idea behind this ride mainly came from Dipayan, which radiated to others as well and eventually our brothers could not wait to meet each, hence planned up for this ride. Below will be the ride plan

Ride Host: Dipayan

Date: 19th November 2017

Ride Captain: Pranjal
Ride Marshall: Dipayan
Ride Sweep : Ishan (for onward journey)
For return journey it will be decided on spot.

Average Speed: 70-75 kmph


Assembly point : After crossing the HRBC Toll after crossing the Second Hoogly Bridge
Assembly time : 6:00 a.m
Breifing : 6:15 a.m
Ride start : 6:30 a.m
Reach Kolaghat at around 8:00 a.m and have breakfast
Start the ride onward to Haldia Township: 9:30 a.m
Reach Haldia Township and riverside : 10:30 a.m
Have lots of gup shups there
Start the return ride : 12:30 p.m
Lunch at Kolaghat or whatever team decides: 1:30 pm
Reach disburse point (same as start point) by 4 p.m

Please be on time as we will wait max 10 mins. Please tank up for the ride a day before as we will not give fuel breaks

Riding Rules:
1. We will be riding in a Single Lane formation.
2. All ride signals has to be passed on to the rider behind you till the Ride sweep.
3. No overtaking. Only if you want to take a photo/video of the line up , please give a meaninful hand signal to ride captain and proceed.
4. No Honking and no nonsense
5. No one should go in front of Ride Captain or stay behind the Ride Sweep.
6. All Headlights should be on in the formation.

Any one found flouting these rules will be asked to leave.. Sorry for being rude and harsh on this as one small incident can affect the entire line up


1. All riding gears mandatory
2. Full face helmets must.
3. If you are not using Riding jackets and pants, then wear a proper hardy jacket with elbow guards and knee guards.
4. Dont wear sports trousers and other outfits. Jeans will be recommended with Knee Guards.

Since many are new riders, and might/might not have procured gears so far, we will have some relaxation here for the first ride. However these riders should have full face helmets and they will should stay in the middle of the group.

Happy Riding Brothers!! Hoping for a maximum participation for this ride..

IBRMC Kolkata Admin Team #AanDo

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Good Going Hirak...

All the very best... & keep up the GOOD WORK.

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd

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