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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650...


Royal Enfield unveiled at the ongoing EICMA Motor Show in Milan. The two new retro-styled bikes were showcased are Interceptor INT 650 and Continental GT 650. the company has SMARTLY used the name "Interceptor", which has been part of Royal Enfield’s discontinued models. The Interceptor was a popular model back in the 1960's when RE was considered to be one of the "STATUS SYMBOLS" in the SOCIETY.

The 650 Interceptor has a upright riding position, similar to a street bike which is more comfortable and RELAXED riding POSTURE. This attains the RETRO LOOKS with the "tear-drop" shaped fuel tank with a fuel capacity of 13.7 Lts., and OLD SCHOOL DESIGNED seat with a wide handle bar.

The CHASSIS is an all "steel-tube cradle chassis" with a BRAND NEW 648cc SOHC, 8 valve, air-cooled parallel-twin HEART which producing 47 PS and 52 Nm of torque. Also this comes with a six speed gearbox with a chain drive. 

This is also the first R E equipped with a slipper clutch which improves transmission without any impact on the bike during the down-shifts.


R E has maintained the same size of wheels for both front & rear (18") with Pirelli tyres. The STOPPING of the MACHINE is taken care by the "DISC BRAKES" on front and rear disc with ABS. 

The INTERCEPTOR gets 174 mm ground clearance with a seat height of 804 mm.


Engine: - 
  • Type                              -4 stroke, single overhead cam, air-oil cooled, 648 cc parallel twin
  • Power                            -47 bhp @ 7100 rpm
  • Torque                          - 52 Nm @ 4000 rpm
  • Bore x Stroke               - 78 mm x 67.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio     - 9.5:1
  • Gearbox                        - 6 speed
  • Fuel Management       - Fuel injection
  • Ignition                         - Digital spark ignition - TCI

Chassis & Suspension: -
  • Frame                            - Steel tubular, double cradle frame
  • Front Suspension        - 41 mm front fork, 110 mm travel
  • Rear Suspension          - Twin coil-over shocks, 88 mm travel
  • Rake                               - 24 degrees
  • Front Wheel                  - 2.50x18”
  • Rear Wheel                   - 3.50x18”
  • Total Length                  - 2122 mm
  • Total Height                  - 1165 mm
  • Total Width                   - 789 mm
  • Ground Clearance        - 174 mm
  • Seat Height                    - 804 mm
  • Tank Capacity                - 13.7 Litres
  • Kerb Weight (no fuel)  - 202 kg
  • Payload                            - 200 kg

Brakes & Tyres: -

  • Front Tyre                       - 100/90-18
  • Rear Tyre                        - 130/70-18
  • Front Brake                     - 320 mm disc, ABS
  • Rear Brake                      - 240 mm disc, ABS

* Specs Credit - RE INDIA WEBSITE

Along with the Interceptor 650, R E has also launched the "CONTINENTAL GT 650". This was one of the "Cafe Racers" which holds a HISTORY during the 70's. The NEW CONTINENTAL GT 650 retains the design cues from the existing 535 CC CONTINENTAL GT but adds the MODERN MILL with DESIGN & PERFORMANCE TWEAKS.

The NEW GT gives you a different style when compared to its sibling THE INTERCEPTOR. The ERGONOMICS of the GT have a  dynamic riding position and looks like a pure cafe racer.


The CONTINENTAL shares the CHASSIS & HEART with its 650 TWIN... THE INTERCEPTOR...,. The GT's FUEL TANK has a capacity to hold 12.5-litres of FUEL, with clip on HANDLE BARS to look like a pure CAFE RACER. The STOPPING of this CAFE RACER is again shared with its 650 TWIN THE INTERCEPTOR with ABS.


while there were many speculations stating that R E is coming up with a 750 cc machine during the various spy shot pics available on various websites (shot during testing) R E has SPILLED THE BEANS with a SURPRISE at the LAUNCH with a 650 CC HEART and opened a new segment between 500 & 750 CC creating new options to its customers. 

For the Indian customers; its a new UPGRADE OPTION and for other customers GLOBALLY its a new segment altogether in the CRUISER/STREET CLASS.

While the customers have to wait for more time to get the HANDS ON to ride these newly launched twins, as these will be made available first for international markets.

However, Siddarth LAL - The CEO of R E clarified that the SPECS for the INTERNATIONAL and INDIAN market remains the SAME during the LAUNCH.

Lets HOPE that R E makes the UNIVERSAL specs for all of its RANGE of Machines... so as to OFFER the QUALITY of the EXPORTS to the DOMESTIC MARKET as well....
RuLe ThE RoAd
Nice write up Veera Bhai. Adding images was icing on the cake. Good read for aspirants planning to buy.
Ride your quest
Hope this time RE doesn't manufacture a Pain-in-the-wrong-place kind of motorcycle.
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
(11-14-2017, 02:12 PM)KAUSTAV Wrote: Nice write up Veera Bhai. Adding images was icing on the cake. Good read for aspirants planning to buy.

Thanks for the good words K P...

Hope folks will like the way you did...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd
(11-14-2017, 08:15 PM)Sajeesh Wrote: Hope this time RE doesn't manufacture a Pain-in-the-wrong-place kind of motorcycle.


The Same message was conveyed by Mr. Lal DIPLOMATICALLY during the launch... stating that this time THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET is becoming the Guinea Pigs and not the DOMESTIC MARKET... Smile

Also he conveyed that the SAME SPECS would be maintained for INTERNATIONAL & DOMESTIC MARKETS...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd
Well.... Well... Well...

Information through an insider of RE has revealed that; these machines are ready for production and can be delivered IMMEDIATELY... He means that RE has already done their HOMEWORK in terms of parts suppliers / vendors etc...

However, after the BS III debacle of HIMALAYAN... RE has decided to do further testing for about another 200, 000 KMS. Hence the delay in releasing in INDIA. However, he said that he had seen the machine in FLESH... and he says that this is the best BUILD QUALITY RE had built so far... and the entire PRODUCT is DESIGNED & DEVELOPED in their UK R&D Centre... (Including some VITAL PARTS SUPPLIERS).

Lets wait & watch... and HOPE for the BEST...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd
Still Veera bhai...if RE does something to the guyz who have the failed Himalayan..RE will win the trust back...

Rest all is blah blah blah from Sid Lal who said the same shitty things for the launch of Himalayan..

Sent from my GT-I9300I using Tapatalk
There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors"

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