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No one can traverse the whole of India and not feel the palpable difference between North and South. The dominant features of South India are its tropical climate with lush-green tropical vegetation in the coastal areas, as well as its architecture, cuisine, culture, languages and lifestyle. In spite of repeated exposure to foreign influences, these elements have, at their core, remained essentially Dravidian.On this Southern sojourn, traversing through Goa, Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu we explore the unique and breathtaking architecture, sculpture, ancient culture and legacy left by the Pallava, Chola and Pandya dynasties.We will see how India has absorbed the influences of so many waves of colonizers and yet has remained distinctly and proudly Indian.

One typically can understand by simple sights and sounds the big air of difference between Southern Indian and the rest of the country. The basic culture of the south is essentially Dravidian Buddhist culture, quite different from North India's Sanskrit Hindu culture. The people of the South would remain down to earth, calm and simple in spite of talents and riches. South Indians respect castes and religious sentiments quite unlike their brash Northern neighbors. Historians and scholars across the world have always admired the culture and language of South India for its depth and history.

About the highway-NH66 is one of its kind. NH 66 passes through hills, forests, rivers, rivulets, and streams, generally flowing westwards towards the Arabian Sea. Most of the region has typical scenes like coconut trees dotted all along with paddy fields and arecanut gardens. The road is uneven, and bumps, curves, steep rises and narrow paths in between hillocks are found all over this highway. As this region experiences heavy rainfall, potholes are occasionally present.
Although the languages spoken vary along the highway, the food of the people along the NH 66 has some common ingredients like coconut, chili, pepper, coconut oil, and fish. The region has a higher literacy rate than other regions of India.The building of National Highway 66 has led to rapid development of the towns and cities along the highway.

This leisure trip is a what remains most awaited on my riding lists. 

Detailed plan and trip itinerary below:

The ride kicks of 13 days prior to bulletiapa just to get into the feel of the mega event. We leave Mumbai on 23rd September and take National Highway 66 which passes along the western coast of India till the Southern Tip. In between we halt at places like Goa, Udupi, Thalassery, Allapuzzha, Kovalam, Cape, Munnar, Bangalore and then directly head to Hyderabad for the mega event.

This is a closed ride and people joining in is capped to 6(maximum). 
Ride Eligibility: Must have attended 3 overnight rides.

Confirmed People as of now:
1. KP

Kindky contact me in case of further queries.

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Ride your quest
Awesome KP I am sure someone will tag along for this ride

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Awesome plan !!! Good going !!!
Signature chuha kha gaya !!! Angry
Sound good. Plan looks awsome. Hope you get good riders along side. God speed

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awesome plan KP..
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KP... Just in case my August trip doesnt happen, I will surely join you.
Cheers ~ Sajeesh
(07-04-2017, 03:38 PM)Sajeesh Wrote: KP... Just in case my August trip doesnt happen, I will surely join you.

Thank u Sajeesh..

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Ride your quest
Looks good brother
K P,

The TRIP / Plan seems to be exotic...

Please plan in such a way that you reach Hyderabad before 11 AM on 06th October...

Surprises in STORE...

Ride Safe and Godspeed...

Cheers !!!
RuLe ThE RoAd
Jabardast plan hai
Cant do it as its Moharam time

I will miss this one really.

All d best KP n team
Nice writeup n good plan

See u guys safe n sound at bulletiapa
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