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IBR Bengaluru monthly meet - Feb 2018 - vinaynagaraj - 01-11-2018

Dear Riders, 

On behalf of India Bull Riders, we invite you to join us for the monthly meet of Feb2018. We request you to be present in big numbers as important discussions are gonna take place. As each and everyone of you does matter to IBR in a big way, we expect your presence on 4 Feb 2018, Sunday. This is NOT a riding event, hence you can choose any mode of transport to arrive at the venue. This event is open to all IBR members and aspiring/new members as well. 

Date: 4 Feb 2018, Sunday.
Start Time: 8AM 
End Time: 10AM

Eat Street, Koramangala

Breakfast per head: Rs.50-150/- 
Breakfast available: Bread Omlette, Poha, Aloo Paratha and Chai, maggie and english breakfast

Tentative Agenda for the meet will be :
1. Discuss the upcoming rides - 

Feb 2018 
a. Monthly meet - 4 Feb 2018
b. QUAD Chapter Meet - 10, 11, 12 Feb 2018
c. Day ride to Chitradurga - 25 Feb 2018. 
d. Camping ride - March 2018
e. Midnight Trek to Makalidurga - March 2018

2. Share memories of the recent rides - CSR Ride, BOMBC Rider Mania 2018 - MahaRM, Mega adventures coast to coast ride. 
3. Discuss general incidents and caution, Update on Swaccha IBR. 
4. New member introduction
5. Distribution of New IBR tshirts and New IBR Stickers (ONLY for folks who have already paid) 
Also take order for new tshirt
6. IBR patch distribution (Rs. 120/-)
7. Suggestions for CSR. 
8. Club policy. 
9. DIY Training begins - Rs. 200/- for registration. Prebooking needed. 
NOTE: Riders who have placed order for pre-bulletiappa, RM Kundapur, MAHARM Promo goodies and haven't collected it, please make arrangements to collect them at the monthly meet. 



RE: IBR Bengaluru monthly meet - Feb 2018 - manju100kr - 01-28-2018

Dear Sir,
I have been waiting for my membership to be approved.
Am i eligible to attend this meet please?

Krishnarao Manjunath

RE: IBR Bengaluru monthly meet - Feb 2018 - BlackMatt@Renny - 01-29-2018

Hi Manju,

If u ride a Enfield, please do join us. This is a monthly meet and you can definitely be part of it. The location and timings are mentioned in the post. Coming to the approval part, Admins will be able take it forward once u meet them this Sunday.

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RE: IBR Bengaluru monthly meet - Feb 2018 - Nat - 02-01-2018

Will attend. Look forward to meeting you guys!