It was in the year 2013 when Sujeet, founder of Udaipur chapter called-up Delhi and Mumbai brothers for an official joint meet of 3 chapters.  Owing to the fact that Udaipur was equidistant from Delhi and Mumbai, we all chipped in our thoughts and found it as a fantastic idea. Soon Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore go to know about it and expressed to be part of it. This paved way for the 1st Megameet in Udaipur during October 2013.  Soon, IBR decided to conduct this annual meet in the last quarter of the year where each chapter gets a chance to host this event in their region.

Megameet Bulletiapa is an annual conglomeration of IBR fraternity wherein members from all across India & elsewhere meet and celebrate the true spirit of IBR. The event consists of various biking events, music, dance and entertainment.



The Bottle of Brotherhood (The BOB)

This tradition was started during the 2nd Bulletiapa. In this ceremony, a bottle containing sand from the event location is put in the BOB and passed on to the chapter head who will be hosting the next Bulletiapa.  Each organizing chapter head writes a special message without letting anyone know, and put it in the bottle. The paper will get decomposed with the sand in due course of time and the message will never be read.  However, the feelings & emotions will stay forever mixed with the sand.  Till now, IBR hasn’t decided what to do once the bottle will get full.


What happens in Bulletiapa?

  • Various motorcycling events which is unique in every sense ranging easy to extreme grade.
  • Dance and Music – yeah, of course!
  • Event Prize distribution
  • Biker of the Year award from each recognized chapter
  • Decision and announcement of new chapter heads (if needed)


Below rundown will provide history of Bulletiapa

  • Udaipur hosted 1st Megameet, tagged as Desert Meet between 12th and 13th October 2013 in Aarambagh, Udaipur. 74 members participated in the event.
  • Mumbai hosted 2nd Megameet, tagged as Bulletiapa between 4th and 5th October 2014 in Greenarth Riverview Resort, Vikramgadh (MH). 119 members participated in the event.
  • The term Bulletiapa was brainchild of Abhijit (first chapter head of Mumbai) which was later on adopted as permanent name for IBR megameet.
  • It was during this bulletiapa, IBR introduced The Bottle of Brotherhood ceremony.
  • Bangalore hosted 3rd Bulletiapa between 3rd and 4th October 2015 in Elim Resort, Bangalore. 223 members participated in the event.
  • Delhi hosted the 4th edition of Bulletiapa between 25 and 27 November 2016 at Surjeevan resort, Harayana. Approximately 180 members participated in the event.
  • Hyderabad will be hosting the 5th Bulletiapa. Details coming soon...

Bulletiapa 2017 - Hyderabad - Registrations OPEN