IBR (formerly known as DBR) was formed as an exclusive RE motorcycle riding club in November 2007. Being associated with lots of other biking clubs initially, Sajeesh Nair felt the urge of forming an All-RE motorbike club to promote group riding activities. Royal Enfield motorbikes have always been associated with tough terrain and long distance riding. However, it was time to break the barrier to give all such unconventional thoughts a new dimension.



Delhi Bull Riders (now India Bull Riders)was founded by Sajeesh Nair in November 2007. He had been associated with many other Motorcycle riding clubs before the entire idea of creating an exclusive Royal Enfield + Vintage Classic motorcycle club came into his mind. On 22nd November, 2007 Delh Bull Riders (DBR) was formed which predominantly targeted for Royal Enfield enthusiasts located in New Delhi / NCR. In June 2010, DBR was re-christened as IBR (India Bull Riders) owing to the fact that the member-base was spilling out of the Delhi/NCR boundaries. DBR was no more limited to a particular geographical location and a need to expand the fraternity was felt.


India Bull Riders Logo

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We are

India Bull Riders is all about riding, riding and riding. At the same time, IBR has become a second family for most of our seasoned members and our regular weekly / bi-weekly meets keep us all pepped up. The reason being, we all share the same passion about the kind of motorcycle we ride and kind of routes we like to traverse.


Online Bug

During on-line mode, you can find our experts spending quality time on the forum to discuss about upcoming events, trips, giving free! advises and suggestions. All this is out of sheer brotherhood with “no strings attached”.


Offline Traverse

During off-line mode, we generally meet every week to discuss the on-going agendas, future trips and the usual “chai-paani-bakar”. If one can not track us at the meeting spots, we might have already left for another trip either to the jungles, or mountains, or coastal side etc.


Social Responsibility

As a matter of social responsibility, IBR ensures to return back to the society in every possible manner by extended help in cash or kind to needy. IBR has soft tie-ups with a few NGOs across India. But the buck doesn’t stop here! During our trips to remote places, we ensure to donate as much as possible since it gives a sense of satisfaction of reaching the needy directly.



IBR is also a member of BOBMC (Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium). This way, we keep a healthy and friendship relationship with other clubs and share the ground during a few common events also like Riders Mania, NERM etc.

Some highlights

  • DBR launched 29th November, 2007. Website domain name registered.
  • The first official meet was held in March 2008 at Janakpuri, New Delhi.
  • Official DBR site launched in November 2008.
  • Maiden riding event – Feb 14, 2009 – Neemrana fort.
  • First Megadventure 2009 – Ladakh. 6th to 21st June 2009.
  • First media coverage – Delhi Times – 23rd August, 2009
  • IBR launched on June 11th, 2010. The first chapter to be carved out is New Delhi / NCR
  • IBR Mumbai chapter launched in February 2011
  • IBR Bangalore chapter launched in May 2012
  • IBR Chennai chapter launched in November 2012
  • IBR Hyderabad chapter launched in 2013
  • IBR Udaipur chapter launched in 2013
  • IBR Jaipur chapter launched in Q2 2016
  • IBR Pune chapter launched in Q3 2016



IBR members together form the IBR fraternity. Unbiased approach and open to all bullet passionate, IBR believes in unity in diversity. For us caste, creed, colour, religion or sex doesn’t matter at all. After all, who cares about this orthodox philosophy. IBR members come from diverse culture and profession, but for IBR all are same – RIDING ENTHUSIASTS.



We predominantly ride all models of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Interestingly, according to most of our members it was bullet’s thumping sound which made them to own this machine and search for a riding group on the internet. However, it was after joining the group that they realized that ones passion for these classic machines is beyond the thumping sound it produces. Royal Enfield has gone through huge transformation in the last few years. In order to maintain the passion for classic motorcycles, we have opened the gates for other vintage classic motorcycle like Norton, BSA, Jawa, Harley, India Chief etc.